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Wedding photography is complex, especially when compared with other types of photography such as architecture, landscape or portrait. A wedding day is an evolving story and key elements cannot be recreated. They are unique and fleeting, never to be repeated. The responsibility a professional wedding photographer carries is enormous. It is our role to ensure every moment of your special day is captured and preserved. It does not matter to us whether you are celebrating with a civil ceremony or a religious service, whether you are having an Anglican or Roman Catholic, or if you are looking for Turkish wedding videography, an African, Asian or a Greek wedding photography and videography, our role is to incorporate the elements of your culture into your wedding photographs.

Every wedding is special and unique. With us, you have found wedding photographers who use our skills and artistry to reflect your style and your event in all its beautiful glory. Your special day will be over in the blink of an eye but our photographs last forever. They are more than simply pretty pictures but are a way to transport yourself back into the heart of your dream day, helping you to remember the overwhelming love and joy you experienced on your wedding day for decades in the future.

We love being around people, taking photos that get right to the heart of who they are. We aim for you to see us as friends with a camera. With plenty of inspiration and fresh ideas we like capturing things as they happen, as well as producing a beautiful set of more formal portraits, group shots, details, humour and once in a lifetime emotions. We look for moments that are so often missed in wedding photography, capturing documentary photos that make your family proud and your friends jealous.

Use our Wedding Photography and Videography Package Calculator and complete the form to enquire about our wedding services. Based in London, we work across the UK, as well as for international destination weddings such as in beautiful Greek Islands for a photoshoot in Santorini or a Mykonos photography. Check out our portfolio below and visit our Blog where we present some of our clients' stories!

18 Feb 2016

The Ukrainian wedding of Oleksandr and Olesya’s took place in London. It is always such a pleasure to photograph events from different cultures and this celebration was not an exception. The sense of family and love was very strong and the traditional Ukrainian ceremonies and practices made for such a special day – we feel so grateful to have been a part of it. See more…

03 Sep 2015

This article is a description of a working day, it will explain the thought processes and preparation required and that goes into making your special day as perfect as you deserve.

As children, we all imagined ourselves as doctors, famous singers, rock stars, celebs, country leaders, lawyers, teachers, and so on. We would built scenarios about how great we would be at what we do and how we changed the world.

Of all the jobs on Earth, I have never heard anyone dreaming of becoming a wedding professional photographer! I believe it is a slightly underestimated job but I can assure you it is one of the most fascinating ones, if I have a saying on this! Yes, it is a lot of difficult job, but it is really worth every bit of it. See more…

16 Jul 2015

On a lovely summer day we were fortunate enough to capture this lovely wedding, held at the Chelsea Town Hall in London. It was an emotional afternoon full of happiness for all. Alexandra was an absolute vision; in a 1950’s style lace belted dress, with a glistening hairpin and striking red suede ankle strapped stiletto shoes. Whilst Tom looked ultra dapper in a full 3 piece navy blue suit. It was wonderful catching the moments of Tom, knowing that Alexandra was slipped behind the corner, where he could not see. It was a wonderful service held at the Chelsea Registry Office (in non-coincidentally the ‘Brydon Room’), with about 20 family guests. The pale yellow room, with large ornate gold mirrors and crystal chandeliers made a wonderful backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The celebrant was light hearted and made the service well suited to Alexandra and Tom’s carefree and vibrant personalities. We loved catching the emotion in the room, including some beautiful tears from Tom’s father, on exchanging of the rings.

Alexandra and Tom were an absolutely stunning couple. Here is some of our favourites shots from their wedding. We wish them all the very best for their many years of marriage to come. See more…

18 Jun 2015

Wedding photographers are a breed apart. But did you know that there are many sub-species within this group, all with their own distinctive habits? Even wildlife presenter David Attenborough would be fascinated to study these strange, wild creatures out in the field.

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17 Feb 2015

Munuse and Mustafa’s Turkish wedding photography at Meridian Grand was a little different from our regular service in that there was not a ceremony to capture. The couple had already tied the knot, so this was all about the celebration and giving the couple beautiful images.

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17 Feb 2015

London is one of the most photogenic cities in the world. Where better, then, for Melissa and Alex to have their session after their wedding at Banking Hall City.  See more…

06 Nov 2014

Christina and Gavin’s wedding in London was a grand affair and an absolute pleasure to capture. With Bride’s preparation being held at Corinthia Hotel in Central London, the wedding ceremony at the beautiful St Brides Church in the City, and the reception in an exquisitely decorated private home in Chelsea, these were both such intricate venues to capture the special moments. See more…

16 Jul 2014

It is always a treat to collaborate with other wedding vendors on a styled shoot. It gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills and creativity, possibly developing an idea which germinated during an actual wedding, or by developing something new and dramatic, as with this Danson House wedding styled-shoot.

Venetian masquerade carnival masks were first worn around 700 years ago, with mask makers (Mascereri) being officially recognised as master craftsmen in 1436. Though an important part of Venetian society during the Renaissance, the popularity of the masquerade ball in England didn’t reach its height until the latter half of the 1700s – around the same time Danson House was built.

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30 Jun 2014

A wedding in the beautiful Pelion mountain in the Greek Midland. Here is some of my favourite pages of Alexandra and Anastasio’s wedding album. See more…

19 May 2014

We had a wonderful day filming Fatma and Omer’s wedding at Hylands House. The couple had chosen to spend their entire day in this gorgeous wedding venue in Chelmsford, and we were on hand to film them as they spent their last single hours, exchanged vows, and celebrated their newlywed status with their family and friends.

A Hylands House wedding has all the elements required to make a film maker or photographer extremely happy. The light, the proportions of the rooms and the beautiful decor with its intricate detail all come together into a cameraman’s perfect venue. Fatma was the most beautiful woman in Chelmsford when she glided down the elegant staircase to where her father was waiting to escort her to the ceremony, which the couple had chosen to hold in the elaborately decorated Banqueting Room. The luxurious red and gold decor were perfect for a Turkish wedding, while the enormous windows filled the room with flattering natural light.

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18 May 2014

A styled-shoot at the Regents in Finchley, London. The shoot was styled by Nicole Adeyale from Perfect Events.

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02 May 2014
29 Apr 2014

Highlights of a wedding at Hallmark Hotel London Chigwell Prince Regent. See more…