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A Christening in Luxembourg

Three years prior to this day I was grateful to have been there to capture Stella and Theodoro’s first child’s christening and I was delighted to be a part of their second child’s christening as well. The baptism of little Eleftheria held at Saint Nicholaos (or St Nicholas, or St Nikolaos), the orthodox church of the Greek community in Luxembourg.

Along with my colleague Georgios who was filming the video, we were pleasantly surprised by how the Greek community of Luxembourg is so amazingly organised in such a systematic and productive way. In a remarkably short space of time this fresh and contemporary church has been built for christian worship.

During this christening it was with great joy that I also encountered two couples who I had the opportunity to work with and capture them on their wedding day a few years ago. The atmosphere at this christening was beyond joyous with the family and friends being exceptionally polite welcoming us. Some charmingly graceful shots of Eleftheria being placed into the open arms of her two gorgeous godmothers can be witnessed above. After immersion, the priest placed Eleftheria into a new white sheet as a symbol of her soul’s purity.

We were honoured that the priest father Georgios Basioudis joined us from Mannheim Germany and contributed in administering the baptism. We would also like to give our special thanks to local priest papa-Spyros, who was eagerly willing to assist us in capturing an astounding image of Eleftheria being immersed in the baptismal font. In attempting to do so we placed a waterproof GoPro camera on the inside of the baptismal font. Unfortunately a lot of holy oil that had been used to anoint little Eleftheria had been mixed with the water. As a result our ability to capture that shot had been compromised. Despite that, we managed to capture a beautiful shot the moment of the sanctification which can be seen in the beginning of the video below.

Luxembourg Orthodox Christening 01 Luxembourg Orthodox Christening 02 Luxembourg Orthodox Christening 03 Luxembourg Orthodox Christening 04

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  1. Stella F |

    Merci beaucoup Nek. Les photos de Noël sont très belles et tu as su capturer cette journée si magnifiquement! Nous adorons les photos, il y a tellement de moments si particuliers que tu as réussi à photographier pour nous!

  2. Sofia |

    Beautiful photos, as always! Capturing the essence in such simplicity! Just the way I love them!

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