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Elsie’s Christening at London’s Greek Cathedral

Elsie’s baptism was a pleasure to capture at the Greek cathedral of the Divine Wisdom, known as Saint Sophia church in Bayswater, which I believe is also one of the most impressive churches in London and a world-class orthodox cathedral.

Elsie was a gorgeous little girl and we loved capturing the special moments of her day, with her lovely family. The cathedral  in Bayswater was full of spectacular detail and made a fantastic back drop inside and out for all shots. We particularly liked zoning in on Elsie’s expressions throughout the baptism ceremony, so sweet and unaware of what was about to happen. We also loved capturing the expressions of her parents interacting with her, the tiny details like her bracelet being held and little feet.
After the ceremony we moved outside of the church and walking by Moscow Road we made some fabulous images in front of various coloured London’s houses. I think this is a wonderful idea for shots, as the pastel tones add some colour and often match in with the themes of the baptisms. Whilst the houses then in black and white; made for a more traditional theme.
It was a pleasure to capture little Elsie and we wish her all the best for her future!



  1. Christina Mayer |

    so great pictures can’t wait to have my own daughters christening!

  2. Vivienne Mawditt |

    What an incredible work Nek. You captured one of our most beautiful days in a very artistic and touching way. We cant thank you enough!
    Amos, Vivienne, Johnny, Elsie.

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