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Christening at St Katherine Orthodox Church in Barnet

Although there are tears at a wedding, they’re usually the happy sort. Orthodox christenings, however, are another story! Baby Alex’s big day started with sunshine and smiles, but his mood swiftly deteriorated when his two Godmothers prepared him for a chilly dip in the font. There was no need to worry though, as Alex was in good hands with Father Damianos. The priest is something of a St Katherine Barnet Christening baby whisperer, respecting that babies can feel scared in the unfamiliar setting, and calming them with his gentle demeanour. It wasn’t long before Alex was smiling again.

A Christening at St Katherine Greek church at Barnet is a joyous occasion. We spent a lovely few hours photographing Alex with his parents, big sister, extended family and family friends, all of whom were present to witness Alex’s welcome into the Christian Church and to celebrate this momentous occasion. The outdoor photos were taken in Friary Park, which is just opposite the church.

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