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A family London Love Gallery

A London Love Gallery turns a simple family pictures into something incredible. London is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t get a little thrill at the fact that I get to work with such a fantastic backdrop and when you throw in a family as friendly as this one, then you can see precisely why I love my job when I’m doing a family London Love Gallery.

The elegant decoration and colour of Tower Bridge makes a stylish frame for family portraits, and we snuck a few couple “clicks” with just the parents. You may notice that the outfits vary in some of the shots – this is a great trick to get even more variety of pictures from the locations. It works really well with the more formal family shots in front of the Houses of Parliament and Clock Tower, and the more relaxed images taken in front of the London Eye. Even something as simple as changing a jumper or adding a hat can make a difference. It wouldn’t be a London Love Gallery without an iconic red bus and telephone box, and I love the opportunity to use the magnificent dome of St Paul’s Cathedral as background in any weather.

A lot of planning goes into a shooting. It is important to choose locations which suit the family so they look natural and relaxed. The setting and the subject should blend seamlessly into a beautiful composition, so I spent time chatting with the family to find out where their favourite places were in London, and to get an idea for the types of things they like to do together.

I like to consider my audience to make sure I provide a good variety of shots. For many couples, family shooting is the first opportunity they have had for professional images since their wedding, so it is nice to include some pictures of them as a couple. Some husbands and wives want a picture of their partner and children to display on their desk or bedside table, while grandparents often want formal pictures of their grandchildren to show off. I am also conscious that these images are a type of time capsule so I like to include shots that the children will be happy to look at and display even when they are adults with families of their own.

A good family album should last a lifetime. Contact me today to find out more about having your own family pictures during your visit in London.


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