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Boudoir Photography London

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New Vision Photographia offers ladies of all types and ages the chance to look and feel truly gorgeous and have that captured in sensual images to treasure forever. A boudoir photography London is also a fantastic gift idea for all brides-to-be - a treat from or to your new husband on your wedding day. These photographs of his new wife are a sensational present that you will love giving and he will love receiving. Just imagine the face of your husband or that someone special in your life, when he see the boudoir photos of you and how proud he will feel knowing he is the luckiest man in the world. A boudoir photography can change the way you see yourself forever, as we take amazing pictures that show off your feminine beauty and capture the goddess within you!



The boudoir photography is so much fun! It’s all about helping you find a style that portray your personality, whether it’s playful, sexy, romantic, or a combination of all three.

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The ideal gift for him.
The perfect gift for her!


We know all the tricks to compliment and flatter your femininity, using lighting and posing to showcase your body at its best.
Shot by a boudoir photographer
But I’m Not a Model!

Boudoir photography London is not for models, but for normal women who want to celebrate the way they feel at this particular point in their lives. The beauty of a boudoir is that its suits women of all ages, all sizes, and all ethnicities as each woman is charming in her own way. A boudoir photography is about capturing that beauty in tasteful, sophisticated photos you can feel proud of, and all women are beautiful regardless of their age, size, or the way they see themselves.

We will be there on hand to art direct, style and help you feel comfortable, confident and sexy. We will put you at ease throughout your boudoir experience, making sure you enjoy every minute of it.

The Photoshoot

The private scene where your photos can be done could be your home, a studio or other venue. We can also recommend you to book a stylish hotel room as this will allow you to be photographed in many different and luxurious settings for a variety of elegant looks. The experience is as much a gift for yourself as the person you plan to give the images to.

A few days after the shoot you will choose your 30 favourite shots for additional beauty retouching. You can also order albums or prints online via a password protected gallery. Please note that we don’t post online any of your images online unless we get your permission. A boudoir photography London belongs to these experiences that we call “once in a lifetime”! Why risk disappointment with an amateur or cheap alternative? Leave your artistic boudoir photography feeling the beautiful woman you are.

Understandably, our team is as small as possible. As well as the boudoir photographer, there is a hair and makeup artist, and you. That’s it, unless you bring someone with you.

What Should I Wear to my Boudoir Photography?

You can wear what you like for your boudoir photography. It is good to bring a choice of outfits, shoes, and jewellery that you can play around with until you strike on a look you are happy with. You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

Wedding Bridal Boudoir Photography

Bridal Boudoir, the moments of the bride wearing lingerie which beautifully hug her figure and show off her boundless sensuality and charm, just before she wears her wedding gown and get married to the one her heart has chosen. It’s that little “spicy” secret that makes every bride feel special and sexual in her wedding day (and of course, the special night that follows).

If wedding album is about how a couple feels about each other, then a bridal boudoir photography is about how a bride feels about herself as much as a gift for her husband or husband-to-be.

If you're having a wedding boudoir photography you can bring any relative outfit you like such as your bridal dress, vail, bridal shoes, underwear you're planning to wear on your wedding day, jewellery, etc.

Getting Ready for a Boudoir Photography

Prepare for your shoot the way you would for a hot date - or a special day! We’ll take care of your hair and makeup, but your hands and feet will be on show so you might want a manicure and pedicure. Eat a light breakfast avoiding anything which normally makes you feel bloated, and wear clothing that is comfortable and loose fitting. As with wedding photography, boudoir photography is as much about the experience as it is about the result.

Shot from a boudoir photographer London

We photograph in London, across the UK and abroad. We have great experience in artistic boudoir, wedding bridal boudoir photography and couples boudoir. Get in touch with any questions that you may have and receive a package price list with our optional services and beautiful boudoir albums.


Boudoir Photography Price is £450

  • Professional hair and make up.
  • Two hour photo session.
  • Full resolution photographs.
  • Password protected online gallery.
  • Standard editing to all photos.
  • Special editing and natural beauty retouching to 30 selected photos.

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Boudoir Photography Sample Galleries  

01 Aug 2020

We are well known for our wedding services, so you may not immediately recognise us as for our boudoir work. However, this side is one of which we are very proud as it showcases the beauty and strength of the female form in a way that is both tasteful and empowering. Our goal is to make our clients feel amazing and leave them with a portfolio of images they can also gift to their spouse.  See more…

20 Jun 2019

I attempted to bring out the sensuality of Anne in the most artistic and tasteful way possible, taking into consideration her individual beauty and style to come up with something truly mesmerising and unique. The result was absolutely stunning. Anne looked sexy and elegant at the same time, and her individual allure was evident throughout all the shots. A special thank you to Gillian Wallbanks and Erin Carol for the styling.

What makes bridal boudoir shoot different than most other sexy and glamour sessions, is that it brings out the sensuality of each bride in an elegant and artistic way that is never too provocative and cheap looking. It is a quality private shoot that every bride (and her partner) should be proud of, especially when shot by a professional that has many years of experience behind his back. See more…

06 Aug 2016

For many women their wedding day is the one day when they feel like a celebrity. They have honed their bodies, followed rigorous beauty routines, and had their hair and makeup professionally styled to make them not only look incredible, but feel more beautiful and confident than at any other time in their lives as they walk down the aisle.

Boudoir images is enormously feminine and empowering. It allows a women to be See more…

17 Mar 2014

Here is a gallery of a session which also includes a few shots of the couple’s boudoir. This beautiful session held at a gothic yet romantic suite in a 4-star hotel in West London. See more…