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Christening photography

Christening photography and video services

Christenings are beautiful ceremonies with no shortage of captivating objects to be photographed. This makes such an event a wonderful challenge for us, attempting to capture outstanding pictures that will be cherished for generations to come. A well-captured christening photography will be something memorable that the child and its parents will be proud of in the future. We especially love taking photography which includes emotional photos of baby with mother, as well as with Godparents. Guests’ faces tend to bring out the best expressions at the moment the baby is blessed with water when we always have our finger ready on the trigger. Close-ups of decorations, and baby portraits using the light from the candles are always subjects for great pictures as well as the incense burning and all the details in the church.

Christening photographer captures a candid after the baptism

We are creative christening photographers and videomakers. Invest in our speciality on finding the best location, light and pose for family and your child’s portraits. Whether is about an Roman Catholic, Anglican, Greek or Eastern Orthodox baptism, or any other christian religion, we capture images you can be proud of!

Christening photography and video prices
Contact us and enquire our availability. You can check our listed guideline prices for christening photography and video however by messaging us you will also get our full price list, with informations about additional services and keepsakes such as lovely christening photo albums.

Christening photography from £370

  • Cover of the baptism by one christening photographer.

  • Short photo-session for family portraits 30-60' before the ceremony starts.

  • All photographs in high resolution with full printing rights.

  • Standard editing to all photographs (200-350 files).

  • Special editing and retouching to 30 selected photographs.

  • Online Gallery to view, share, download, and purchase professional prints should you or your guests wish to.

  • Back-up cameras and everything that ensures the work will run smoothly.

  • Optionals such as albums, photos at home, and more.

Christening videography from £390

  • Filming by one camera operator.

  • Editing of full footage, post production and authoring.

  • Highlights video clip.

  • HD BluRay disc copies/USB drive.

  • Additional BluRay/DVD disc copies for grandparents and godparents.

  • Public liability insurance.

  • Back-up cameras and everything that ensures the work will run smoothly.

  • Optional choices such as second cameraman, 4K filming, drone, and much more.

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See below samples of sweet baptismal photo-stories so you can get a comprehensive idea of our high quality
christening photography and videography

31 Jan 2019| 0 comments

Given our appreciation of the picturesque setting, we were delighted to provide the christening videography for Baby Leonidas. What a joy this little fellow was! From the moment he rocked up in his high tops and hat, toddling around confidently with a friendly smile, we knew this event was going to be an absolute pleasure to film. Leonidas loves the camera and, as you can see from this clip, the feeling is mutual!

The christening took place shortly after See more…

20 Jan 2019| 1 comment

Christenings are always a cause for celebration and it was certainly a case of double the excitement when twins Emilia and Isabella were welcomed into the faith during an Italian christening at St. Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell London. Adding to the “doubling”, the girls had both a Roman Catholic and a Greek Orthodox ceremony, reflecting their parents’ different Christian denominations.

It was a glorious late summer Saturday but even if the skies had been cloudy it wouldn’t have mattered within St Peter’s magnificent interior. Built after a request from Saint Vincent Pallotti and inspired by the Basilica of San Crisogono in Rome, the church dates from 1863 and is the oldest Catholic Church used by London’s Italian community. The TARDIS like building often takes first-time visitors by surprise with its soaring ceiling and incredibly decorative paintings. From a photographer’s perspective it is a joy to work in due to the natural light and immense beauty, making baptism photography a pleasure.

See more…

18 Nov 2018| 0 comments

Working with babies can be unpredictable. As experienced producers of event videos, we can scout locations, get to know the parents and make contingency plans for different light and weather conditions but, as gorgeous as they are, babies will pull whatever faces they want, and we never know what mood we will be greeted with on the day!

Baptism ceremony

Thankfully, Gabriel was angelic throughout his Catholic christening at St James’ Spanish Place Church in Marylebone, London. His baptism was a private affair, attended only by his parents and the priest, with us there to film and photograph every beautiful moment. The small number of people inside the imposing church with its magnificent stained glass windows and towering stone columns somehow made the ceremony feel even more beautiful and moving. Gabriel smiled and giggled as the priest read the service, then lay contentedly in his mother’s arms, barely making a murmur while the water trickled over his head. See more…

21 Jul 2018| 0 comments

Baby Victoria was full of smiles for her christening at St Sophia’s Cathedral in Bayswater. This Greek Orthodox Church at the heart of the Greek community in West London is a favourite place for us to photograph for its magnificently decorated interiors and beautiful gardens. Everything we need is in one location and, as anyone who works with children knows, keeping it simple and stress-free is the key to beautiful christening photography and videography. We are grateful to the Very Reverend Archimandrite Theonas Bakalis for his warm welcome and for allowing us to film and photograph the service. See more…

14 May 2018| 0 comments

Our day at Kieran’s baptism was a fun and lively. The cute and engaging toddler received the holy sacrament at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Farm Street Church, in Mayfair in the heart of London. It is not a church I knew well before Kieran’s baptism, but I am pleased to now be more familiar with it as it is a lovely building with beautiful features. It is unusually decorative for a Roman Catholic church in London with its brightly painted ceiling, stained glass windows, ornately carved altar and magnificent Gothic Revival features.
See more…

30 Jan 2018| 1 comment

The setting for Alexandros’ christening was St Sophia’s orthodox cathedral in Bayswater, London. We are grateful to have had the privilege to be the photographers of several Greek weddings and baptisms here, yet we are always struck anew by its peaceful atmosphere. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate its beauty, light, and perfect proportions.

Since its consecration in 1882 St Sophia’s cathedral has been the beating heart of the Greek orthodox community in London. While the domed roof suggests something special from outside, See more…

15 Apr 2017| 2 comments

Jasper Abraham, was an absolute delight to capture on his Anglican christening day at one of our favourite locations – the beautiful St Bride’s church in the heart of London’s City.

Little Jasper was an incredibly sweet boy, who we met asleep on his arrival. Having to be woken, he was all smiles as soon as awake and realising all the special people in his life surrounding him. It was magical to take pictures of these moments and the relationships he had with both his parents and siblings. Also with all the others that had come for his special day, including his grandparents and godparents.

The slightly grey London day did not seem to dampen anyone’s mood, in fact it made the perfect back drop for the images, making the colours everyone was wearing stand out brightly, with beautiful trees in the background. See more…

14 May 2015| 0 comments

While we often capture Greek Orthodox Christenings, a Ukrainian Christening is less “typical” for us, and it was a real treat to be asked to record the event, especially with a family so warm and lovely as this one. See more…

15 Mar 2015| 1 comment

Christening is one of the most major mysteries in the Orthodox Christian Church and it makes a great opportunity for the child’s family to gather and celebrate together the entrance of the child to the body of the church. For this reason, the value of beautiful, high-quality shots is great as these will be kept as a milestone of the child’s greatest moments for the years to come.

As professionals with many years of experience in events and celebrations, we were delighted to be hired for the shooting of Sean Evangelos Toma’s baptism. The ceremony took place at the Greek orthodox cathedral of the Holy Cross and Archangel Michael in Golders Green London – a mesmerising spacious cathedral with a distinct modern orthodox architecture and a pictorial atmosphere which is perfect for shooting special ceremonies like weddings and christenings. The beautiful atmosphere was also enhanced by a colored theme that played among the warm earthy hues of brown, green, and yellow.

Sean Evangelos Tomas was a sweet baby boy with big, pearly and twinkling eyes that we absolutely loved zooming in. What made the whole ceremony extra interesting was the fact that the boy was baptised by three godmothers, all smiling joyously and effortlessly throughout the stages of the ceremony – something that made our job much more easier, See more…

29 Jun 2014| 6 comments

We had the pleasure to shoot this wonderful Orthodox Greek Christening in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. This beautiful family chose the Greek Orthodox Church of Twelve Apostles in Hatfield to baptize their lovable son Stefano. Below are some examples of the images we took, as well as a video clip with the highlights of the celebration. We always enjoy shooting Christenings, as they have so much warmth and wonderful displays of emotion throughout, with small details that can be picked up so wonderfully through a camera. The setting was absolutely beautiful and a location we would recommend for fellow Greeks wanting a Baptism for their children. The Orthodox chapel of Twelve Apostles is one one of the most beautiful Greek churches in the country. Stefano was a wonderful model baby, who was so well behaved and displayed such gorgeous emotion. May his Baptism be just the start of a life filled with happiness.

See more…

20 May 2014| 0 comments
14 May 2014| 0 comments

You may think that weddings are virtually the same as christening images and videos. While it is true that the events are similar in many ways – the setting, the families, the familiar ceremony, christenings have a different feel altogether as the parents are typically more relaxed than a bride and groom, and that makes a world of difference to a professional.  See more…

14 May 2014| 0 comments

The sun was shining to make it a gorgeous day for Fiona’s baptism at Our Lady of Loreto and St Winefride’s in Kew. The Roman Catholic church’s light, bright interior was a fantastic backdrop for christening images, and we enjoyed shooting some of the church’s details before the guest of honour arrived and the service began. See more…

13 Jun 2013| 2 comments

Three years prior to this day I was grateful to have been there to capture Stella and Theodoro’s first child’s christening and I was delighted to be a part of their second child’s christening as well. The Baptism of little Eleftheria held at Saint Nicholaos (or St Nicholas, or St Nikolaos), the Orthodox church of the Greek community in Luxembourg. See more…

31 May 2013| 0 comments

St Mary’s Orthodox Greek Church in Wood Green is a place with which we are very familiar as we have worked there many times. It is a lovely church with a warm, welcoming feeling and we were delighted to be asked to capture the Greek Orthodox christening of Alexander Daniel. See more…

14 May 2013| 0 comments

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