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Funeral videographer and funeral photographer can play an important role for those grieving the loss of someone they love. Grief is a complicated emotion. Gathering together with family and friends can make the burden easier to bear, as people share not only the pain of their loss but also their love for each other. Families may arrange a funeral videographer so that loved ones who are unable to attend the funeral can still feel present and involved.

Funerals are full of strong emotions. Yes, grief is always close to the surface, but so is love, kindness and compassion. Sensitively done, this type of documentary work allows us to capture these touching moments that may otherwise be missed or forgotten, bringing comfort in a time of sadness.


Funeral Videography and Photography Services

Our funeral videography and funeral photography services typically range from two to four hours and can cover several locations from the main ceremony, to the cemetery and the wake. Your collection of photos or your video won’t merely document the events of the day but will be a fitting tribute to the person whose life is being commemorated. We have long-distance telephoto lenses and avoid using flash or additional lights, so that we can shoot from a discreet distance without disturbing proceedings. We often use a mix of wideangle and close-ups to accurately capture the atmosphere, details and emotion of the day. Then your photos/video are being edited professionally including the arrival and ceremony in full, the readings, music and poems. Upon request we can also film or photograph at the house the moments before, and the wake reception afterwards.


What to Expect

Unlike weddings where people have a year or two to linger over their preparations, planning a funeral is frequently done at short notice, so we are as flexible as possible. Our role is to alleviate any undue stress and to help you feel comfortable with the process. We familiarise ourselves with the venue in advance of the service and always carry backup equipment. We can film videos or take photos any part of the occasion, including before and following the service, and at the wake. We capture floral tributes and cards and try to record the mourners present. Clients have told us that this can be hugely helpful in the days after the funeral as they are not always able to acknowledge those there on the day and appreciate being able to contact them afterwards to thank them for their kindness. We would love to help so if you have any questions or want to discuss things further, please get in touch.


Price for Funeral Videographer and Funeral Photographer

Based in London we are available locally and across the UK. Funerals vary in requirements so please contact us if you have any questions or to enquire our availability. You can check our listed guideline prices for both funeral videographer or photography services however by messaging us you will also get our full price list, with informations about all additional services.


Religious and Non-Religious Funerals

We cover all kinds of funerals whether is about a non-religious, or a faith traditional funeral. Our portfolio includes a range of different funerals such as: Anglican, Roman Catholic, non-religious and woodland funerals, African, Sikh (Antam Sanskaar), or Orthodox and Eastern Orthodox and more. We welcome specific cultural, religious or family requirements.

Book a shooting

Funeral Videographer   £450

  • Cover up to 2 hours. Additional hour £100p/h

  • Video filming in 1080 FHD, or optionally in 4K UHD

  • Discreet microphones for ultimate sound

  • Editing including multicam control and audio enhancement

  • Full-length footage accessible online for 6 months for sharing and downloading. Upon request Bluray/DVD hard copy free of charge

  • Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity

  • Spare cameras and everything required to ensure the process will run smoothly

  • Add optional videocast for +£350

Funeral Photographer   £440

  • Cover up to 2 hours. Additional hour £100p/h

  • All photographs in high resolution

  • Full printing rights

  • Every photo is edited, ready to display (150-300 files)

  • Online Gallery to view and share the photos should you wish

  • Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity

  • Spare cameras and everything required to ensure the process will run smoothly