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Scarlet London Bloggers Festival | La Fête

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As one of London’s talented stylists and the owner of La Fete bespoke event planners, Charlotte Ricard’s role is to make events look good. Our job is to provide quality event photography and event videography like we have captured the magic of Charlotte’s work so that she can showcase her talent and hard work to potential clients.

In a world where social media rules and influencers have as much celebrity cachet as any Kardashian, at least on Instagram, image is everything. When she was invited to style the Scarlet London Bloggers Festival, Charlotte asked us to provide videography to give her a contemporary way of promoting her business.

Charlotte was not only styling the Bloggers London Festival, but she was also delivering a workshop as well. Her theme was luxurious and very feminine, with lots of textures and shades of pink that was entirely on trend. She wanted the atmosphere to be cosy and comfortable so that the attendees could relax and enjoy themselves, and therefore share the details of the event and the suppliers widely with their readers.

Social influencers and brand ambassadors often post on several platforms, with Instagram being an easy way to communicate with their readers in between posts. They want captivating images to share with their audience which is why Charlotte’s inclusion of both a balloon wall and a flower wall was so smart. Not only were they a fantastic addition to the room decor, but they were also a great backdrop for blogger selfies. Given that there were makeup courses and masterclasses happening at the event, it was no surprise that there were plenty of selfies being taken.

The team at La Fete were also responsible for creating the incredible table settings you can see in the highlights images. Each table had a different theme, including jungle, autumn and vintage, using a variety of props to demonstrate how to create the desired atmosphere. Charlotte put her styling skills to good use in her master class by teaching guests how to create a flat lay – a way of arranging objects to be photographed from above. This technique is a hugely popular way of making a blog image look professional and making the image stand out on sites like Pinterest, which is useful for driving traffic and gaining “likes”. It was clear that Charlotte loves the collaborative process of her job. It was a pleasure to work with someone so enthusiastic about their work.

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