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About us

We absolutely love what we do, and feel privileged to observe and record the most important moments in our clients’ lives. Great photography is universal, transcending any language or cultural barrier! We blend our genuine love of working with people with an expert eye for detail and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver images that combine high fashion style with the smooth flow of photojournalism.

Nek Vardikos and his team offer two decades of professional knowledge and experience, coupled with a passion for excellence.

Services include:

Wedding photography and videography, destination wedding videography, engagement or couples photoshoots.
Event photography and event videography such as private celebrations, luxury parties and corporate events.
Funeral videography, funeral photography as well as funeral live stream service.
Christening photography, Bar and Bat Mitzvah photography and videography.
● Commercial and Still-Life product shots, food photography, fashion look books, catalogues and hotel photography.
● Headshots and business portraits, individual and family portraits, boudoir photography, and professional photo shoots in London.

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About Nek

Nek is a child of the 90′s... an avid lover of glam rock and Japanese motorbikes. He adores the softness of Kodachrome and the thrill of unearthing hidden gems in big cities, and has a soft spot in his heart for the delicious flavours of the Greek cuisine that he grew up with. Born and raised in Thessaloniki with a picturesque and historical port in Greece’s north, he has been deeply influenced by post-Byzantine culture, sunlight, and vibrantly noisy neighbourhoods.

A student of photography in the age of traditional film, Nek spent a decade working as a professional photojournalist, honing his natural talent and developing the skills necessary to capture an entire story in a single frame. He later ventured into studio and commercial photography before falling head-over-heels for the beauty and romance of wedding photography. His work across have been awarded and published in photography journals, retail catalogues, cookbooks, newspapers and magazines both in Greece and the UK.

Nek is an authentic photographer, an artist, a workaholic and a dreamer. In a time when pictures are being scrolled past our eyes at a faster pace than ever, Nek strives to capture the image that will stand the test of time.

Our network

Our carefully chosen network of associated partners guarantees reliability and success. All of them are highly skilled and qualified professionals:

Ηannah Κhurda - Photographer
Τheοdοr Βatinkον - Photographer and cameraman
Αna GeΙy - Photographer
ΤeοfiΙ Rewers - Photographer
Cédric Τοsοni - Photographer
Ρav GuΙiani - Cameraman
Rhοdri Spearing - Cameraman
Κhurum Κhan - Cameraman
ΤhekΙa Vοyias - Photographer
Τim Leitner - Cameraman
Ηaris SgοuramaΙis - Cameraman

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