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Privacy and Cookies Policy

The information disclosed to us by our visitors and customers is always protected. In the paragraphs bellow, you will find explanations about the kind of data stored and how We as New Vision Photographia and Video use it.


The nature of the information stored

Whenever you: Browse our webpages, Order a service or a product, register or communicate with us, respond to a promotion or a survey, use certain features of the webpage, we collect information about you.

When you place an order, we may require some of your personal information, e.g. your details, credit card, paypal account or other. You can also browse the webpage without entering any of personal data (private mode-anonymously).


Why we Collect your Information

The information collected in the instances described in paragraph 1 might be used to allows us to:

● Personalise your site experiences and deliver the type of product and content of your particular interests.

● Provide you more valuable services.

● Improve the speed of your browsing.

● Administer a site feature, such as a survey or a promotion.


The Use and Importance of Cookies

Cookies are small files designed to keep particular data that a website or its service provider sends to your computer or other device you are using, always with your consent. This allows the service provider’s or the webpage systems to identify your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc), remembering various information. Cookies are also important to us as they help collect valuable data regarding the site traffic and site interplay that will allow us to offer better tools and enhanced site experiences in the future. Of course, you can always have your internet browser informing you every time a you get a cookie. It is entirely up to you as you always have the option to completely turn off the cookies.


Information Disclosure Policy

Your personal recognisable informations are not sold or transferred to any parties outside unless we provide you with an prior notice. There are some exceptions as noticed in the content down. Details of you can be announced in order to protect rights of ourselves or others. Also in case according with a given law. However in order to promote our work, or for marketing, or other uses, non-personally recognisable visitor details or informations may be disclosed to other parties.


Important Notes:

● If you have signed in to receive our email newsletter or RSS please expect to receive future promotions.

● All visitors to our website that wish to register in our marketing campaigns they will also be asked whether they want to be on our list receiving our promotion newsletters or  other informations.

● If you wish to not receive any further promotions from us please inform us.

● This Policy and Terms are immediately applicable for all visitors who complete a form of New Vision Photographia & Video.

● The use of the webpage means that you accept our Privacy Policy.

● Any changes in the Privacy Policy will be stated in the webpage.

● We are always welcome questions and comments about this privacy. Thank you.