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Leonidas’ Christening at Twelve Apostles, Hertfordshire

Given our appreciation of the picturesque setting, we were delighted to provide our services for Baby Leonidas. What a joy this little fellow was! From the moment he rocked up in his high tops and hat, toddling around confidently with a friendly smile, we knew this event was going to be an absolute pleasure to film. Leonidas loves the camera and, as you can see from this clip, the feeling is mutual!

The christening took place shortly after Christmas, but we were fortunate that the weather was dry and reasonably mild, allowing us to capture some footage of Leonidas in the garden outside the Twelve Apostles church in Herts. It was truly touching to witness the way this small family engaged, with the joy of Leonidas’ parents being evident in the way they doted on their son. Although it is a happy occasion for family and friends, a christening can be stressful for children, so it is an excellent idea for the guest of honour and their family to arrive early so there is the opportunity for the child to play while we get some relaxed, candid footage of them interacting naturally with their family.

It is completely normal – even expected – for a baby to cry at some point during the service. There is a lot going on with unfamiliar people around them, so tears are something any experienced cameraman knows how to deal with. However, we were amazed to see how placid Leonidas was through the entire service. With his mother keeping him distracted by a favourite flashing toy, Leonidas was content while being anointed and immersed, and barely even noticed when his hair was tonsured.

After his baptism, Leonidas was dressed in a sharp suit complete with a tie and flat cap, to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. The service was led by Father Demetrianos who carried out his role with a warmth and friendliness that made everyone feel welcome and included in the proceedings. It does not matter how photogenic a church is, it is the priest and the congregation who give it life, and the heart of the Twelve Apostles church beats strongly.

If you are Greek or have Greek family or friends who live in London, then it is very likely that you have attended a wedding or baptism at this beautiful church in Hertfordshire. It is a church with which we are very familiar, and the appeal of it has not dimmed over the years that we have been providing our services. The small size makes it feel intimate and welcoming, while the beautiful countryside location lends itself perfectly to filming.

We are very grateful to Leonidas’ family for choosing us to deliver his Greek orthodox baptism film. It is always a humbling experience to play a role in important family celebrations, capturing the beauty of human emotion and providing a way for families to share and savour these special moments for the rest of their lives.

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