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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your business located?

We are based in London Colney, near North London in the south-east of England with easy access from the M1, A1 and M25. During summer we often work in the Greek islands. We can shoot anywhere in the world. 


Do your prices include VAT?

No, because we are not registered to VAT. We do not need to pass any VAT to you. So the price we give you is the price you pay.


Why is there such a great difference among photographers and film makers as far as prices are concerned?

By requesting a professional photographer or filmmaker, you are hiring an artist to narrate a story by pictures or film.  Their training, the aesthetics and photographic culture they bring, the time they dedicate to their work  – pre and post-shoot as well as on the day, their methodology and the standard of equipment they use all influence the final cost. Some professionals may give a generic price and then add extras. At New Vision Photographia & Video, our quotes are all inclusive with no hidden charges. If you’re getting married you will find helpful our new calculator for wedding photography and videography prices.


What differentiates yours from other professional photography services? 

Today many photography and cinematography directories and unions spread dozens of awards and excellences helping their members to build their business profile. However, at New Vision Photographia, we believe that the only way to create a strong business profile is to work for our clients’ benefit. Using our profound knowledge, it is our responsibility to produce a piece of art that will stand the testament of time.  


How much does a coverage cost?

Our service is bespoke. Each client has different requirements, and the price varies depending on your need. For more information please visit the Services and Prices page and feel free to contact us. We have also created a calculator to give you an indication of the cost of using us for your wedding event.


When will I receive the files?

A file index is typically available within a week for commercial works. Due to the volume of images, weddings and events take longer but are usually delivered between eight and 15 weeks after the big day, depending on the season. We are aware that you are eager to see them and keep this time to a minimum without compromising on quality. 


How do I go about booking? Do you require a deposit?

Firstly please contact us to confirm the type of service and our availability.  We will then ask you to pay a reservation fee via bank transfer, cheque or cash. For more information please check our Terms page in Payments section. 


Will my videography have music?

Most videos feature music soundtracks. Let us know if you have preferred music. We usually ask for around five to ten songs to overlay during the video editing. We can also choose ourselves songs or instrumental tracks we know will work. We do not own any music copyright, the rights of the music we use in our videos belong to the rightful owners. 


How much do you charge for destination shooting?

Our reasonable expenses include travel and accommodation. During summer we also work as a Mykonos photographer so if you are looking to arrange a photoshoot in Santorini or in other Greek island you may not be charged for any additional expenses. Please contact us to discuss the location and your requirements.


Will I come upon any hidden additional charges?

100% not. We believe an honest relationship is essential. There are no hidden extras. We lay our rates out clearly in the quote, and the final agreement ensures a perfect level of cooperation. You can request additional services which could alter the supplied quote. We will advise you of the changes before proceeding.


How long does a shoot take?

Full-day coverage lasts between 8-12 hours, while a and half-day is 3-5 hours. The time will vary depending on the details of the day.


How many pictures will you capture?

We never take mediocre shots just to fill the space. The number of files depends on many factors, including the nature of the shoot and the allocated time. 


What equipment do you use?

We mostly use SLRs such as the EOS 1DX or Sony high-end cameras and various professional lighting systems.


Do you have back up equipment?

We always have at least two cameras, as well as a great variety of lenses and accessories. We are well prepared for any evenutality.


Are you insured? 

Yes, we have public liability and professional indemnity and everything that ensures the work will run smoothly.


I don’t know how to pose and I don’t feel comfortable when being photographed.  In addition I have the feeling that I don’t look good in my pictures.

Everyone can have a beautiful portrait. If you are not a natural poser, do not worry. We are incredibly familiar with portrait shooting, and we always help the person being photographed feel at ease by making the whole procedure fun and friendly. By choosing the correct angles and taking particular notice of the lighting, we always create a great outcome.


What if I don’t want a photographer and I only require videography?

If you have already arranged another photographer to cover you, or you just want the filming only, you can hire us to provide your event videography. We can offer either photo, or video, or both together.


Can you put the images and the video trailer online so that we can share with our friends?

Of course! Half the enjoyment of your beautiful photos will come from sharing them with your family and friends.  When the editing is complete, you will have access to an online gallery with a link that you can easily share order so everyone can view your photos. This page also gives the option for others to order frames, canvas, etc. A trailer of video highlights can be shared via our Vimeo page.


Will my photos be published on your webpage as I’m not sure if I want my photos being advertised online. 

Although we would be pleased to have your permission to post some of our best shots on our portfolio blog, we always respect our clients’ wishes, so this is not a problem at all. 


Who owns the copyright of the images and video?

According to the Copyright act 1988, it is the creator who owns the copyright on their pictures. However, you will get your images in large, high-resolution files, with full unrestricted printing rights. For more information please see the copyright policy on the Terms and Conditions page.


Will I get all the files and in what resolution?

Yes, you always receive all the files in high-resolution, colour-corrected and ready for print. Depending on what you order, you will also receive some photographs that have been specially edited and retouched.


In what type of format will I receive my files?

Photos are in the common jpg format or in uncompressed tif, and large resolution.  Videos are in HD resolution 1080p in either mp4 or mov format and BluRay disc. However, in case of another preference, we will be able to provide it.


Do you take “staged” or “natural” shots?

We always try to deliver beautiful pictures. When we get the chance, we capture spontaneous snapshots and to get natural shots with an unstudied gaze and unaffected facial expression. When we choose to take a staged picture, we guide you on how to pose in a way that your photos will look relaxed and natural.


Do you take many group shots?

Yes, we do group shot unless you don’t want them. On average, we would spend 15 to 20 minutes for your group shots. If you provide us with a list of the groups you want photographing, this will help the process.


Do you cover christenings?

Yes we do! We are also very experienced christening photographers and videographers.


Where and when can we have our portraits shot at a wedding and will you visit the venue first?

We always take time to ensure we are familiar with the layout and any rules around wedding photography that the venue may have. If we have not worked at your venue before and we can do so before your wedding, we will visit it in advance. We’ll map out the day based around your schedule and source areas to shoot. If your schedule allows, we strongly recommend around 30-60 minutes for your portraits, usually in the time between the ceremony and reception.


Do you shoot pre wedding or the next day after the wedding?

Yes, we love taking outdoor photographs or wedding videography on location, or in hotels and venues. Those pictures are also useful for wedding invitation cards, thank you cards and wedding guest books. When you get the chance to have a shoot the next day, the result is always astonishing! We highly recommend it because in that case, there is no time pressure. We have the opportunity to achieve the perfect lighting and you can relax knowing there’s no wedding-day pressure. Moreover, we can choose different locations and set a date for the photo shoot, since it is not obligatory to have it exactly the next day of the wedding. This is a nice opportunity for the bride also to try a different hairstyle, bridal accessories, etc.


It’s the most special day for me, and I don’t want anything to get lost or destroyed. How will you keep my photos safe?

We understand! The last thing we want is for your photos to disappear. The last thing we do on the night of your wedding is to copy all raw images to our secure backup storage.


Can I order an album after my wedding?

The decision for an album does not have to be made at the time of booking. This option is there for you at a later date if you decide you want it then. You have many choices for primary and accompanying books.


Do you design the albums by yourself? Will I get to choose the pictures for my wedding book?

Yes, we design the albums, editing all the material from the start through to the end. Then we will show you the draft design for your input before printing. You get to choose the page spreads with the pictures you like the most. There are some rules to framing the design, but you will have the opportunity to make the changes you wish in the pages.


If my photo book is damaged through carelessness, can you fix it?

Certainly, as long as the majority of the book is not damaged.


Can you include in my wedding book pictures I have of my own and material from my uncle and my friend who are amateur photographers?

We are always delighted when your guests take pictures of this special day for you. Unfortunately, the book you will receive cannot contain any of those files, since we treat it as our own piece of art.


If your question is not answered here, then please get in touch. We appreciate that hiring a professional photographer is an investment many will not have previously undertaken. We want to make sure you are comfortable with the process.



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