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A Wedding at Missenden Abbey, Buckinghamshire

Here is a gallery of a wedding at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire. We started the day with a team at each of their homes where they had chosen to get ready for the big event. The couple had used a beautiful blush pink and white colour scheme, and bride looked breathtaking as she happily posed for photos with her beautiful bridesmaids and her parents. Thankfully, the day was sunny, and we were able to get some shots – both relaxed and posed – in the garden.

Groom’s family home was full to bursting with family and friends who had come to participate in the traditional Cypriot Stolisma. The custom involved the best man dressing the groom to the accompaniment of violin. It was one of the liveliest Stolismas we have had the pleasure to witness – you could say that the groom started the party early!

After the ceremony, which combined elements of the catholic and orthodox services, the couple exited the church to a shower of heart-shaped confetti and the sound of cheers and congratulations from their family and friends. The mothers of the bride and groom had chosen their outfits carefully to coordinate with the rest of the wedding party. Not only did both women look amazing, but their stylish outfits made the family portraits look even more beautiful, and underscored the unity between the two families. You may not think that something as simple as the colour of your dress can show such a complex emotion, but by their choice, the women showed their unified support for the marriage of their children.

The newlyweds held their wedding reception at Missenden Abbey. The 12th Century Abbey is a beautiful Buckinghamshire setting for photos, with ten acres of grounds ranging from manicured gardens to wildflower meadows. Guests were greeted with champagne and canapés, and the couple were able to relax and sneak off with us to have their photos taken, knowing their guests were in good hands.

The wedding breakfast took place in a white marquee decorated with fairy lights. This sort of environment can be tricky to capture, which is why you see often see professional using more than one camera. We set separate cameras up with different lenses to suit various conditions, so if we want to capture a candid candlelit moment or an energetic dancer, we have a camera ready and do not have to fiddle about with lenses at the last minute. As with the preparations and the wedding ceremony, the reception blended Irish and Cypriot traditions including a professional troupe of Irish dancers.

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