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31 Jan 2019| 0 comments

Given our appreciation of the picturesque setting, we were delighted to provide the christening videography for Baby Leonidas. What a joy this little fellow was! From the moment he rocked up in his high tops and hat, toddling around confidently with a friendly smile, we knew this event was going to be an absolute pleasure to film. Leonidas loves the camera and, as you can see from this clip, the feeling is mutual!

The christening took place shortly after See more…

20 Jan 2019| 1 comment

Christenings are always a cause for celebration and it was certainly a case of double the excitement when twins Emilia and Isabella were welcomed into the faith during an Italian christening at St. Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell London. Adding to the “doubling”, the girls had both a Roman Catholic and a Greek Orthodox ceremony, reflecting their parents’ different Christian denominations.

It was a glorious late summer Saturday but even if the skies had been cloudy it wouldn’t have mattered within St Peter’s magnificent interior. Built after a request from Saint Vincent Pallotti and inspired by the Basilica of San Crisogono in Rome, the church dates from 1863 and is the oldest Catholic Church used by London’s Italian community. The TARDIS like building often takes first-time visitors by surprise with its soaring ceiling and incredibly decorative paintings. From a photographer’s perspective it is a joy to work in due to the natural light and immense beauty, making christening photography in London a pleasure.

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18 Nov 2018| 0 comments

Working with babies can be unpredictable. As experienced producers of christening videography, we can scout locations, get to know the parents and make contingency plans for different light and weather conditions but, as gorgeous as they are, babies will pull whatever faces they want, and we never know what mood we will be greeted with on the day!

Photography and videography of the christening ceremony

Thankfully, Gabriel was angelic throughout his Catholic christening at St James’ Spanish Place Church in Marylebone, London. His baptism was a private affair, attended only by his parents and the priest, with us there to film and photograph every beautiful moment. The small number of people inside the imposing church with its magnificent stained glass windows and towering stone columns somehow made the ceremony feel even more beautiful and moving. Gabriel smiled and giggled as the priest read the service, then lay contentedly in his mother’s arms, barely making a murmur while the water trickled over his head. See more…

03 Aug 2018| 0 comments

What do you get when you take a British-Greek bride and a British-Nigerian groom? The answer is a spectacular wedding full of music, colours and laughter! We loved having the opportunity to do Greek wedding photography and Greek wedding video for the couple, recording all the wonderful moments of their special day at Rosewood Hotel. See more…

28 Jul 2018| 1 comment

A riot of colour, music and dancing – that was just the preparation for Chandni and Pinal’s Asian (Hindu) wedding at the Grand Connaught Rooms in Holborn! Having shot their pre-wedding photos at Lake Vyrnwy in Wales, it was a treat to see this couple tie the knot in London a few weeks later.

In her beautiful blush and gold brocade lehenga choli, Chandni was a stunning bride. Red is an auspicious colour in the Hindu culture, and Chandni incorporated it by wearing thick stacks of red and gold wedding bangles on each wrist. See more…

21 Jul 2018| 0 comments

Christening Video Highlights of Victoria’s baptism at the Orthodox Cathedral of St Sophia London 

We and all the videographers and editors do not own these music copyrights. All music rights and credits belong to their respective and rightful owners.

See more samples of Christening Videos here See more…

14 Jul 2018| 0 comments

We had already worked with Funda and Serhan on their themed engagement photoshoot, and so we were delighted to have been asked to provide their Turkish wedding photography and Turkish wedding videography as well. Their wedding was a massive event, and the couple wanted us to cover their pre-wedding preparations as well as their ceremony and reception, so the team knew we had a lot to do over the next twelve hours. See more…

12 Jul 2018| 0 comments

Dimitri and Bobbie chose to celebrate their wedding at Orsett Hall when they tied the knot. Both from Cypriot Greek families, the couple incorporated many recognisable traditions into their big day which started with the Stolisma at their respective family homes. As the bride and groom to be were getting ready at the same time, we used two teams for the wedding photography and video.

If you ever doubt that a wedding, whether a religious celebration of the sacrament of Matrimony is still relevant, then you only need to watch the highlights of this wedding. It is fair to say that See more…

20 Jun 2018| 4 comments

A couple’s photoshoot in London (updated) – The city of London is bursting with fantastic sights, iconic landmarks, and oodles of character. It’s no wonder that couples from around the world make a special effort to have a photoshoot London- even if they’re not having a London wedding.

Jialin and Qingrong are one of a growing number of couples from China and the US having their engagement and pre-wedding photographs in London. Some couples have links with the city, either having lived or studied here, while for others it is the trip of a lifetime, a honeymoon and a sensational way to celebrate their marriage.

Being a London professional photographer is always fun and Jialin and Qingrong’s couple photoshoot was an absolute delight from start to finish. Nothing could dim this young couple’s enthusiasm, not even the rain which was present for most of the shoot. They were just so happy to be together in London that their excitement shines through in every photo.

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12 Jun 2018| 0 comments

Any bride and groom can tell you that one of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is making both families happy. As much as it is “their” day, a marriage also represents the joining together of two families, and it is important to incorporate appropriate customs to respect both the bride’s and the groom’s backgrounds, as Natalie and James did when they wed in Kingston-Upon-Thames.

Natalie’s family is British-Greek Cypriot and James’ is British, and their special day was very much a fusion of each heritage. The service took place at St George Greek Orthodox Church in Kingston-Upon-Thames. The early summer weather was See more…

07 Jun 2018| 0 comments

Despite this being the age of the selfie, it is normal for couples to feel an initial sense of awkwardness when it comes to their engagement photoshoot. Not only is the process of having professional photos taken something they may not have done since they at school, but there is the added pressure of creating an image of themselves as a couple that they feel is a genuine representation of them. No matter how majestic the backdrop, how beautiful the clothing and how skillfully the photos are shot and edited, if the resulting photos do not reflect how the subjects see themselves, then they are not successful engagement photos..

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01 Jun 2018| 0 comments

If wedding photography is about how a couple feels about each other, then a bridal boudoir photo shoot is about how a bride feels about herself as much as a gift for her husband or husband-to-be. 

In Nek Vardikos Photographia we are well known for our wedding photography and videography, so you may not immediately recognise us as a boudoir photographer London. However, this side of our business is one of which we are very proud as it showcases the beauty and strength of the female form in a way that is both tasteful and empowering. Our goal is to make our clients feel amazing and leave them with a portfolio of images they can gift to their spouse. See more…

30 May 2018| 4 comments

A beautiful and special wedding at the Langham Hotel in London. We started with the bridal preparation at bride’s parents house in Cockfosters, North London. The bride was a dream to photograph with such a loving and warm family!  See more…

14 May 2018| 0 comments

Our day as christening videographer and photographer at Kieran’s baptism was a fun and lively. The cute and engaging toddler received the holy sacrament at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Farm Street Church, in Mayfair in the heart of London. It is not a church I knew well before Kieran’s baptism, but I am pleased to now be more familiar with it as it is a lovely building with beautiful features. It is unusually decorative for a Roman Catholic church in London with its brightly painted ceiling, stained glass windows, ornately carved altar and magnificent Gothic Revival features.
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03 Apr 2018| 3 comments

It was such a wonderful experience for myself to be able to photograph, and moreover be present at Caroline’s Chelsea wedding, as she married her husband Gareth at the Chelsea Town Hall office in July.

I loved capturing the moments of her first walking down the street towards me, arriving with Gareth and their two witnesses Sarah and Barry at the offices. All smiles of course! Then the special moments from the process of the booking, through to the ceremony itself. It was lovely to photograph the expressions of their witnesses too. Plus of course the ceremony end. Choosing the smaller registry room for their service, the wedding ceremony was animated and light hearted, which was well suited to both Caroline and Gareth and their relationship with each other, as well as their strong friendships with their fun loving friends Sarah and Barry.
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13 Feb 2018| 2 comments
The greek wedding of Michaella and Panayiotis in St Sophia and the Four Seasons Hotel in London

The first thing you notice when you meet Michaella and Panagiotis is how much they both smile when they look at each other!

This beautiful couple got married a few days before Christmas at Saint Sophia church the Greek Cathedral in Bayswater London. The reception held at Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane in an extremely beautiful room amazingly decorated for this superb wedding. See more…

30 Jan 2018| 1 comment

The setting for Alexandros’ christening photography was St Sophia’s cathedral in Bayswater, London. I am grateful to have had the privilege to be the christening photographer of several Greek weddings and baptisms here, yet am always struck anew by its peaceful atmosphere. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate its beauty, light, and perfect proportions.

Since its consecration in 1882 St Sophia’s Cathedral has been the beating heart of the Greek Orthodox community in London. While the domed roof suggests something special from outside, See more…

12 Jul 2017| 0 comments

No wedding is complete without a wedding cake, so we were delighted to be asked to do the cake photography for esteemed cake maker Elizabeth Solaru and her book, Opulencia. Elizabeth’s s Cake Emporium is one of the UK’s leading cake makers, with her high-end creations being recognisable for their fine detail. The way she and her team transform simple ingredients into incredibly realistic yet edible flowers, jewels and pearls is nothing short of amazing.  See more…

15 Apr 2017| 2 comments

Christening photography – Jasper Abraham, was an absolute delight to photograph on his Anglican christening day at one of our favourite locations – the beautiful St Bride’s Church in the heart of London’s City.

Little Jasper was an incredibly sweet boy, who we met asleep on his arrival. Having to be woken, he was all smiles as soon as awake and realising all the special people in his life surrounding him. It was magical to photograph these moments and the relationships he had with both his parents and siblings. Also with all the others that had come for his special day, including his grandparents and godparents.

The slightly grey London day did not seem to dampen anyone’s mood, in fact it made the perfect back drop for the christening photographs, making the colours everyone was wearing stand out brightly, with beautiful trees in the background. See more…

18 Feb 2016| 4 comments

The Ukrainian wedding of Oleksandr and Olesya’s took place in London. It is always such a pleasure to photograph events from different cultures and this Orthodox celebration was not an exception. The sense of family and love was very strong and the traditional Ukrainian ceremonies and practices made for such a special day – we feel so grateful to have been a part of it.

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02 Jan 2016| 0 comments

As a Greek wedding photographer in London I have photographed many Greek-Cypriot weddings. Some couples adapt customs to fit their more modern lives while others, like Georgina and Evros, retain many elements of their heritage and celebrate their wedding day in a thoroughly traditional manner. Modern or traditional, every couple is unique, which makes my job as a Greek photographer varied and enjoyable.

While the bride and groom were born in London, their parents were born in Cyprus, so it was not surprising to see many traditional included in the occasion. Our day started at Georgina’s home, as her seven bridesmaids helped her get ready for her big day, with the preparation of the bride and groom being almost as important as the wedding ceremony itself. Georgina incorporated the Stolisma into her pre-wedding rituals, complete with the traditional lute and violin. After leaving Georgina to finish getting ready and get herself to the church, I joined the festivities at Evros’ house where his groomsmen were helping him get dressed, and where he was also symbolically tied with a red scarf. See more…

02 Oct 2015| 3 comments

Room Seasons products have that extra quality and stylisation that every food photographer loves. Nicolas and Damien founders of the company are two talented food professionals who studied together at the internationally acclaimed Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon France. It was a pleasure for me to work with them and in their London based company. I was able to capture the essence of the business via wonderful closeup food shots, full of lovely textures and vibrant colours. Room Seasons provides food room service for 3 and 4 star hotels. I believe the imagery from this shoot captures a 5* service showcasing professional shots of the staff and delectable food in professional packaging. My photography tells a story about this new and promising company with its fantastic service and products. Without a doubt these food photos will visually enhance any advertising the Room Seasons company does and we wish them all the best for the future!

Take a look at my food portfolio here and feel free to drop me a note. I am a very experienced food photographer based in London, also available in Hertfordshire, across the UK and international.
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09 Sep 2015| 5 comments

Forget Paris! When it comes to Europe’s most romantic city it is London all the way. Just look at these incredible photographs from Nimia and Albert’s photo session London. The newlyweds flew from Miami en route of their honeymoon! They booked me for a “London Love Gallery” shooting, to celebrating their wedding by posing around famous streets and sights.

Our photo session in London started at the iconic Tower Bridge. Dating from 1894, it is a favourite spot with visitors to the city. The high walkways – 42 metres above the River Thames – give some of the best views in London, though the faint hearted may want to avoid looking down while crossing the 11 metre section of glass floor.


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16 Jul 2015| 5 comments

A Chelsea Town Hall wedding (updated) – On a lovely summer day we were fortunate enough to photograph the stunning Brydon wedding, held at the Chelsea Town Hall in London. It was an emotional afternoon full of happiness for all. Alexandra was an absolute vision; in a 1950’s style lace belted dress, with a glistening hairpin and striking red suede ankle strapped stiletto shoes. Whilst Tom looked ultra dapper in a full 3 piece navy blue suit. It was wonderful catching the moments of Tom, knowing that Alexandra was slipped behind the corner, where he could not see. It was a wonderful service held at the Chelsea Registry Office (in non-coincidentally the ‘Brydon Room’), with about 20 family guests. The pale yellow room, with large ornate gold mirrors and crystal chandeliers made a wonderful backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The celebrant was light hearted and made the service well suited to Alexandra and Tom’s carefree and vibrant personalities. We loved catching the emotion in the room, including some beautiful tears from Tom’s father, on exchanging of the rings.

Alexandra and Tom Brydon were an absolutely stunning couple and an absolute pleasure to photograph. Here is some of our favourites wedding photos from their Chelsea Town Hall wedding. We wish them all the very best for their many years of marriage to come.

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28 Jun 2015| 0 comments

Here is a photo-gallery of Erietta Vordoni’s opening exhibition “Summer in our hearts” organised by Pandora Harrop. The inspirational artwork of Erietta Vordoni exhibited from 25th to 30th of June in one of the oldest (1712) public buildings in London, the Riflemaker Gallery.
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18 Jun 2015| 1 comment

Wedding photographers are a breed apart. But did you know that there are many sub-species within this group, all with their own distinctive habits? Even wildlife presenter David Attenborough would be fascinated to study these strange, wild creatures out in the field.

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17 Jun 2015| 3 comments

This couple were on holiday in London and wanted something special to remember being here together. What better idea than to have a professional photo shoot in London with each other, around some of city’s most exclusive landmarks and streets or tourists attractions and sights. The day was grey and of what many Londoners would call miserable, however the colour of the sky added nothing but further depth to the imagery, making that couple stand out dramatically.

Here are some of my favourites from this professional photo shoot London. See more…

31 May 2015| 0 comments

Bonnie and George chose the De Vere Selsdon Estate as the location for their wedding reception which followed their service at the Greek Orthodox Church of Saint Constantine and Saint Helen in Crystal Palace, South London. There could not be two more perfect venues to represent Bonnie’s British and George’s Greek Cypriot heritages than an English country house and a Greek Orthodox Church, and the combination led to some fantastic Greek wedding photography and Greek wedding videography with a very British twist.

The couple wanted us to cover the entire day, so separate teams went to capture the bride and groom as they got ready for the day ahead. Greek weddings are typically large affairs, and

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14 May 2015| 0 comments

While I often photograph Greek Orthodox Christenings, a Ukrainian Christening is less “typical” for me, and it was a real treat to be asked to record the event, especially with a family so warm and lovely as this one. See more…

15 Mar 2015| 1 comment

Christening is one of the most major mysteries in the Orthodox Christian Church and it makes a great opportunity for the child’s family to gather and celebrate together the entrance of the child to the body of the church. For this reason, the value of beautiful, high-quality shots is great as these will be kept as a milestone of the child’s greatest moments for the years to come.

As a christening photographer with many years of experience in events and celebrations, I was delighted to be hired for the shooting of Sean Evangelos Toma’s baptism. The ceremony took place at the Greek orthodox cathedral of the Holy Cross and Archangel Michael in Golders Green London – a mesmerising spacious cathedral with a distinct modern orthodox architecture and a pictorial atmosphere which is perfect for shooting special ceremonies like weddings and christenings. The beautiful atmosphere was also enhanced by a colored theme that played among the warm earthy hues of brown, green, and yellow.

Sean Evangelos Tomas was a sweet baby boy with big, pearly and twinkling eyes that I absolutely loved zooming in. What made the whole ceremony extra interesting was the fact that the boy was baptised by three godmothers, all smiling joyously and effortlessly throughout the stages of the ceremony – something that made my job as a professional christening photographer much more easier, See more…