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Chelsea Town Hall

03 Apr 2018

It was such a wonderful experience for myself to be able to capture, and moreover be present at Caroline’s Chelsea wedding, as she married her husband Gareth.

I loved capturing the moments of her first walking down the street towards me, arriving with Gareth and their two witnesses at the offices. All smiles of course! Then the special moments from the process of the booking, through to the ceremony itself. It was lovely to capture the expressions of their witnesses too. Plus of course the ceremony end. Choosing the smaller registry room for their service, the wedding ceremony was animated and light hearted, which was well suited to both Caroline and Gareth and their relationship with each other, as well as their strong friendships with their fun loving friends Sarah and Barry.

As Caroline had chosen to do things the other way around and get legally married, after their symbolic wedding, this was a bit of fun for them and you could tell that they thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience of wedding at Chelsea Town Hall. See more…

16 Jul 2015

On a lovely summer day we were fortunate enough to capture this lovely wedding, held at the Chelsea Town Hall in London. It was an emotional afternoon full of happiness for all. Alexandra was an absolute vision; in a 1950’s style lace belted dress, with a glistening hairpin and striking red suede ankle strapped stiletto shoes. Whilst Tom looked ultra dapper in a full 3 piece navy blue suit. It was wonderful catching the moments of Tom, knowing that Alexandra was slipped behind the corner, where he could not see. It was a wonderful service held at the Chelsea Registry Office (in non-coincidentally the ‘Brydon Room’), with about 20 family guests. The pale yellow room, with large ornate gold mirrors and crystal chandeliers made a wonderful backdrop for the wedding ceremony. The celebrant was light hearted and made the service well suited to Alexandra and Tom’s carefree and vibrant personalities. We loved catching the emotion in the room, including some beautiful tears from Tom’s father, on exchanging of the rings.

Alexandra and Tom were an absolutely stunning couple. Here is some of our favourites shots from their wedding. We wish them all the very best for their many years of marriage to come. See more…