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Jialin & Qingrong in London

The city of London is bursting with fantastic sights, iconic landmarks, and oodles of character. It’s no wonder that visitors from around the world make a special effort to have pictures from London. Jialin and Qingrong are one of a growing number of couples from China and the US having their pre-wedding images in London. Nothing could dim this young couple’s enthusiasm, not even the rain which was present for most of the shoot. They were just so happy to be together that their excitement shines through in every image. London is an incredibly photogenic city, and a brilliant choice for a session or honeymoon. The mix of landmarks caters for all tastes. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament have overlooked the River Thames for hundreds of years and give a sense of importance as a backdrop, while the Millennium Bridge lends images a modern vibe. Including iconic features like a red telephone box, or a London street sign, give a taste of London without detracting from the happy couple. This modern couple preferred the colour and energy of Piccadilly Circus, with the neon lights, red buses, and vibrancy that typifies the spirit of London. The more romantic shoots were taken walking along The Embankment and beside the Thames, with the London Eye and Big Ben in the background.

We made the most of the London weather with a bright Union Jack umbrella, and a more muted Burberry one. Both patterns are synonymous with Britain and were the perfect frame for capturing romantic moments.

 Couples Photoshoot London with the model playing in Thames River
A Photoshoot London with Jialin wearing a red dress
Couples photoshoot in London 0001AA couples photo shoot in the front of a London's black cabA professional couple photoshoot in London's wet streets A London photoshoot in Piccadilly square A sign of Piccadilly circus in London's West EndA street portrait of Jialin in the rain at her professional photoshootJialin & Qingrong in front of the London Eye holding an umbrella with the british flag colours
Jialin & Qingrong kissing in the front of London Eye

I wish Jialin and Qingrong every happiness as they embark on the next chapter of their London love story. Congratulations!

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  1. Salina Dermos |

    Love is the air!

  2. Maria-Olga Mimikopoulou |

    I can’t have enough of your photographs. They are so evocative! And this girl in the picture is so full of life and joy, bless her. Even the weather has been photogenic!

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