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Gabriella & Tony | A Wedding at Rosewood Hotel

What do you get when you take a Greek-Cypriot bride and a British-Nigerian groom? The answer is a spectacular wedding full of music, colours and laughter! We loved having the opportunity to capture all the wonderful moments of their special day at Rosewood Hotel.

01 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel02 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel

A typical wedding starts on the morning of the wedding, with us following the couple as they prepare to walk down the aisle. Gabriella agreed about her wedding album to start even earlier, and we were there when she had her final dress fitting at the Bridal Caprice Boutique in Shepherds Bush. It was surprisingly touching to shoot beautiful Gabriella seeing herself as a “bride” for the first time, and the wedding boutique was a fantastic backdrop for this.

The couple had chosen a Greek orthodox ceremony at the All Saints church in Camden Town, followed by a celebration for their wedding at Rosewood in central London. We followed Gabriella as she and her bridesmaids prepared themselves in one of the hotel’s luxurious suites.


03 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel

Gabriella’s preparation is a fantastic example of how to get it right. She chose beautiful floral kimono-style gowns for her and her bridesmaids to wear, mirroring the cohesive effect of her bridal photos where they were all in matching dresses, and the elegant backdrop of the hotel makes the images feel extra luxurious. Some brides prefer their childhood home but Gabriella was after a more sophisticated effect, and the results are stunning.

As the suite was inappropriate to fit all of Gabriella’s close family and friends, she used another room in the hotel for the traditional Greek-Cypriot Stolisma. Gabriella also followed another Greek bridal custom by writing the names of her single friends on the soles of her shoes. The last name to wear away is that of the next person who will get married.


05 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel

We caught up with Tony at the church as he waited for his bride to arrive. He was excited and eager to marry the love of his life. The service was a traditional orthodox one, and we were ready to capture the moment the newlyweds exited the church to be showered by confetti and congratulations from their family and friends.

There were a variety of locations used for the couple’s portraits, including their Rolls Royce wedding car and several places within the Rosewood Hotel, where the sumptuous interiors and incredible architecture lent themselves beautifully to our session.

The Rosewood reception was flawlessly executed. A lovely touch was the wedding photos of the bride’s and groom’s parents on display in the entrance to the ballroom. It was a touching way of recognising the importance of family and marriage, and acknowledging the example their parents had set for them.

Favourite parts of this wedding included:

  • The clarity of the vision of the bride and groom. They knew the atmosphere they wanted to create, and they chose the right locations to achieve that.
  • The effect of the Nigerian guests’ wonderfully colourful outfits mixed with the Cypriot guests’ elegant dresses. It was a very visual way to demonstrate that marriage is about the union of families and cultures as well as couples.
  • The backdrop of the Rosewood Hotel. It is a beautiful building and perfect for shooting in London.

Thank you to Tony and Gabriella! It was a fantastic day!

04 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel06 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel07 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 08 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 09 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 10 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 11 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 12 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 13 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 14 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 15 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 16 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel  18 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 19 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel 20 Nigerian wedding at Rosewood Hotel

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