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A Boudoir at Town Hall Hotel London

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We are well known for our wedding services, so you may not immediately recognise us as for our boudoir work. However, this side is one of which we are very proud as it showcases the beauty and strength of the female form in a way that is both tasteful and empowering. Our goal is to make our clients feel amazing and leave them with a portfolio of images they can also gift to their spouse. 

Revealing your underwear is an intimate act people typically share with only a few, and the thought of doing so in front of a professional can make some women feel understandably apprehensive. The day usually starts with a chat and a look at the lingerie and accessories you have brought so we can understand the type of shots you want. We will put together different looks that work in harmony with the location, and plan the order in which they will be shot so that you know what to expect. Whether you have your hair and makeup done professionally is up to you but recommend it as it will add to the pampering aspect of the day, help you relax and ensure you look sublime. 

The Town Hall Hotel in London was a suitably glamorous backdrop for this boudoir, with its elegant Edwardian proportions, and an Art Deco interior. The rooms are a fantastic blend of old and new, where contemporary aspects sit happily alongside original features to create somewhere wonderfully unique. 

Nadine chose distinctive looks for her boudoir images. Her outfit was white lingerie which we shot in an open space with lots of light and sense of movement. The gauzy veil spread over her legs, and the draped fabric of the four poster bed is wonderfully soft and romantic. Additionally the texture of Nadine’s black lace corset added an extra dimension to the boudoir gallery.

Whether you want to tantalise your partner by giving sensual images of you in your favourite lingerie or give yourself a confidence boost with professional images that show you at your best, our boudoir photography will be an experience you will love. 


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