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Gabriel’s Baptism at St James’s Roman Catholic Church

Working with babies can be unpredictable. As we are experienced producers of events, we can scout locations, get to know the parents and make contingency plans for different light and weather conditions but, as gorgeous as they are, babies will pull whatever faces they want, and we never know what mood we will be greeted with on the day!

Baptism ceremony

Gabriel was angelic throughout his Catholic baptism at St James’ Spanish Place church in Marylebone, London. His ceremony was a private affair, attended only by his parents and the priest, with us there to capture every beautiful moment. The small number of people inside the imposing church with its magnificent stained glass windows and towering stone columns somehow made the ceremony feel even more beautiful and moving. Gabriel smiled and giggled as the priest read the service, then lay contentedly in his mother’s arms, barely making a murmur while the water trickled over his head.

Gabriel and his parents made the perfect trio as they stood by the font. The soothing quiet of the interior and flickering candlelight made the church feel a word away from the busy city of London that was just outside the front doors. It almost felt as if the small family was cocooned for a brief period, and we were delighted to have had the opportunity to preserve these cherished memories for them to enjoy forever in their film and images.

After a few detail shots and some candids of Gabriel with each of his parents, it was time for the family shots as they left the church to enjoy the rest of Gabriel’s special day.

St James Church Spanish Place

St James’ Church is a wonderful location for a Catholic ceremony. Built in the early Gothic style, it features breathtaking decoration including a stunning communion rail. Although it comfortably seats 800 worshippers, these images show that it is equally suitable for small gatherings.

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