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The Hassan’s Engagement

Despite this being the age of the selfie, it is normal for couples to feel an initial sense of awkwardness when it comes to their engagement images. Most of our couple’s consultations begin with me asking questions to help them decide on the perfect setting/s for their engagement gallery. Not so with Funda and Serhan! The beautiful and talented drama teacher and her handsome fiancé had very clear ideas about how they wanted their images to look, and I was excited to get on board and help them create the album of their dreams. After discussing a variety of ideas, we settled on four concepts: a Star Wars lightsaber fight; a romantic backdrop inspired by Old Hollywood glamour; a romantic outdoor shoot; and a relaxed collection showing their fun and energetic personalities.

Much preparation went into sourcing the costumes and props for that, and we scouted several locations in North London before we settled on the theatre where the job took place. Part of my role is to use my experience to advise and guide clients about what will work well concerning setting and clothing. The best shots are a true collaboration between all of us as we have a shared vision and work together to turn it into a reality. Serhan and Funda are one of the most creative and enthusiastic people we have had the pleasure to work with, and I think the results show that..

Funda was responsible for most of the props, and we worked hard to create a story rather than something that looked staged. For example, the shot of her in the dressing room features a personalised “Hollywood Walk of Fame” star. The clapperboard was another clever film prop, as was the sign with “The Hassans” – because you should certainly feel like a star in your own shoot! I also loved the Star Wars sword-fight scene, while the giant heart with traditional bulb lights really stood out on the dark stage.

The last set of indoor shots are sophisticated and glamorous, allowing Serhan and Funda to reveal another facet of their relationship. The theatre may be Funda’s world, but Serhan completely embraced the concept and, I think, enjoyed it more than he expected he would at the start of the day!.

As well as dark, theatrically lit photos, we also wanted to show off the couple’s fresh, energetic side, and outdoors was the ideal setting. Again, this fun-loving couple showed how in sync they were in their choice of matching outfits and mirroring poses. The sports-inspired tops and custom-made “Team Hassan” caps encouraged the couple to relax and mess around a little..

The second set out outdoor photos were taken with Serhan and Funda wearing the same suit and dress as in the theatre. This choice of outfits has the effect of subtly linking the entire portfolio so the images can be displayed on their own, or as part of a unified group. These engagement images served two purposes. The first was to get some lovely shots the couple could use as part of their wedding announcement and preparations, while the second was a dress-rehearsal for the big day.


I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial an engagement session is for the wedding. By the time it came to capture their wedding, which you can see here, we were all used to working together. The newlyweds were able to relax and enjoy the process, and I think their wedding images were even better because of that working relationship we had established.  

You can also watch the video Highlights of the big day of this beautiful couple here.

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