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Rowena & Jason | Lakeview Marquee, Fairlop Waters Country Park

The wedding for Rowena and Jason at Fairlop Waters Country Park required one of our largest teams, involving four shooters and a professional assistant. We would love to say that their day dawned sunny and fine, but you can see from the video that it was overcast, with heavy clouds threatening to dampen the couple’s happy day. Still, we always find the bright side, and we love the way the fiery orange flowers stand out against the dramatic sky!

Jason and Rowena each got ready at their family homes, spending time with their loved ones in a relaxed setting as they focused on what was to come. This spiritual couple had planned a religious service at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in East London. Rowena looked stunning as she made her way down the aisle, which was decorated in floral arches, towards Jason, who was an incredibly laid-back groom with barely a flicker of nerves. The display of emotion during the ceremony showed just how well matched this couple is. When Rowena found herself overwhelmed during her vows, Jason was there for her, smiling gently and giving her the focus and support she needed to continue. During the speeches, Jason’s best man said that he had seen Jason grow during his time with Rowena, particularly spiritually. They are two halves of a whole and perfectly suited.

The venue for the wedding reception was the Lakeview Marquee at Fairlop Waters Country Park in Essex. It is not a venue with which we were familiar but can understand why the couple chose it for their celebrations as the setting is so lovely and peaceful yet it is only around half an hour from London. It is also spacious enough to comfortably accommodate the 400 guests who attended the evening reception, with professional staff who expertly anticipated the guests’ needs, so Rowena and Jason needed to do nothing but enjoy celebrating with their family and friends.

We had a great time capturing the couple in the grounds of the Fairlop Waters Country Park and were thankful that the threatened rain held off. A favourite shot is one of the newlyweds on an island in the lake, kissing under a tree. Using a lens to take this from a distance gave Rowena and Jason a little privacy, and it was an adorable moment.

The marquee looked incredible, with flowers everywhere including an amazing rose wall announcing the couple’s names and wedding date, and enormous sprays of colourfully tropical flowers and fruit stood out beautifully against the white walls and furniture. Keeping with the bold, tropical theme, steel drums played as the couple made their way into the marquee to be greeted by rapturous cheers and applause. After the speeches and cake, it was time for more music with the female guests quickly kicking off their high heels and getting down to some serious dancing underneath the fairy-lit draped ceiling.

It was a beautiful day and a fun-filled evening and, together at the centre of it all with eyes only for each other, were Rowena and Jason.

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