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Greek Wedding Photography & Videography


A Greek wedding ceremony captured by a team of Greek photographers and videographers

A Greek wedding ceremony captured by a team of five photographers and videographers


My job as a Greek wedding photographer and videographer has taken me around the world. Being Greek myself means that the customs are very familiar, and I appreciate the importance and value they have in society today. I and my team have been present at countless weddings and have had the honour of being treated like good friends by Greek families in London and the UK, Greece, US, Germany, and Australia.
Σας ευχαριστούμε!

We say video and photography is our job, but it is genuinely more of a passion. There is nothing more uplifting than a Greek wedding and seeing families show love and support through traditions that have lasted for centuries.

The adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” applies perfectly to weddings. We have been providing Greek wedding photography and videography for 17 years, and the cameras, lenses, drones and post-editing equipment we use now is vastly different from the way we worked when we started. What hasn’t changed, however, is the sentiment at the heart of each wedding ceremony - the union not only of two people but of two families. And when you’re Greek, that’s a lot of family!

Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life. You will invest more time and money than you care to admit, but it will be worth it when you see the love and joy you feel reflected in those around you. For all these hours you spend organising your special day, it will fly past as if over in a matter of minutes and you will find yourselves sitting there a day later, wondering how it was over so quickly.

That’s where we come in.

Our experienced team of photographers and video operators deliver a service that covers everything from the stolisma to zeibekiko. We can be there as you prepare to leave your family home, as you exchange vows in front of all of your loved ones, and as you celebrate long into the night. We also have a vast knowledge of the culture as well as all the traditions, every Greek dance, and of course all the key moments of the Greek orthodox ceremony.

Your beautiful big day can be just one chapter in your love story. Having the best Greek wedding photographers on your team will mean that however often you tell your story over the years, the sweet details will never fade. We work extensively in the south-east and knowledge as a Greek wedding photographer in London means that we are familiar with all of the best venues and can recommend locations for your newlywed portraits.

Whether you live in another country or are planning a destination wedding, you can count on Kostas and his team to be there.

Fill in the form to receive your wedding photography and videography package and contact us to arrange a meeting (or web conferencing) and discuss your special day.

If you wish to read more informations about the Greek customs feel free to check our article for the
Greek wedding traditions.

Sample Galleries of

Greek Wedding Photography & Greek Wedding Videography

24 Mar 2018

I was delighted when Korina and Juan asked me to cover their wedding in Halkidiki. Let me first paint a backdrop of calm sea, bright blue sky and glorious rays of sunshine. This is the beautiful setting of Halkidiki, Greece that was the unobtrusive witness to a weekend celebration. A true Mediterranean marriage of Spanish and Greek family tradition and culture, allow me to introduce Korina and Juan!

Now joined together in marital harmony, Korina, originally from Greece and Juan from Spain, celebrated their beautiful wedding in Halkidiki. Living in central London but with their hearts belonging not just to each other but also to the culture and laid back lifestyle of the Mediterranean cost, it was only natural that they head to Korina’s beloved home-country to say and celebrate their much awaited ‘I do’s’. See more…

13 Feb 2018

The first thing you notice when you meet Michaella and Panagiotis is how much they both smile when they look at each other. This beautiful couple got married a few days before Christmas at Saint Sophia church the Greek Cathedral in Bayswater London. The reception held at Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane in an extremely beautiful room amazingly decorated for this superb wedding. See more…

27 May 2017

It was crystal clear when we met this couple to plan their wedding at Hatfield House, that they were bound for life, and that they each felt incredibly fortunate to have found the other. No filter or post-editing magic could recreate that look of absolute love!  See more…

13 May 2016

When both the bride and groom come from a Greek-Cypriot background, you know the celebrations will not be quiet, and guests invited to attend Andrea and Adam’s wedding at Twelve Apostles Orthodox church certainly got into the spirit. Even though I was with the couple from the time they were preparing until well into the night, the happiness generated by the couple, their family and friends infused me with energy and made it an enjoyable experience for me as well. See more…

31 Jan 2016

As much as I love working in London, getting the opportunity to work abroad is a fantastic treat, especially in my home-country Greece where I’m usually moving for the summertime. So it was with enormous excitement that this lovely couple chose us for their wedding.

She was a classically beautiful bride in her strapless sweetheart wedding gown with a fabulously full ruffled skirt. The pure white dress was offset sensationally by her bridesmaids, whom she had chosen vivid purple strapless dresses for, and her matron of honour, who wore hot pink. The gardens were full of purple and white flowers, and we had a lot of fun taking shots before the bride, her family, and friends made their way to the church on foot, accompanied by musicians and merriment. See more…

02 Jan 2016

In Greek-Cypriot weddings, some couples adapt customs to fit their more modern lives while others, like Georgina and Evros, retain many elements of their heritage and celebrate their wedding day in a thoroughly traditional manner. Modern or traditional, every couple is unique, which makes our job varied and enjoyable.

Our day started at Georgina’s home, as her seven bridesmaids helped her get ready for her big day, with the preparation of the bride and groom being almost as important as the wedding ceremony itself. See more…

20 Aug 2015

The weather was perfect for Christalla and Chris’ wedding at Orsett Hall, so Chris sat outside in the sunshine while his koumbaro performed the traditional wedding-day shave. At the end of his preparations, the groom looked as smooth as James Bond in his black dinner jacket, flanked by his groomsmen as they made their way to the church. While one team was busy at Chris’ house, another was at Christalla’s, capturing her preparations which included the stolisma that is Greek-Cypriot customary. It wasn’t immediately apparent on the day but, looking back at the images during editing, it is surprising how similar the three beautiful sisters look!

Following ceremony at St Demetrios Orthodox Church in Edmonton, where Father John and Father Evangelos graciously allowed us to capture the wedding, everyone departed for the Orsett Hall reception. The private gardens looked gorgeous in the sunshine, and we made the most of the setting to capture portraits of the newlyweds and group shots with their family and friends. See more…

06 May 2015

Anna and Christos’ wedding in Birmingham and Leicester was a delight to capture. We started from Anna’s bridal preparation at her family house in Leicester. In true Cypriot style, we were welcomed into an abundant home buzzing with family and friends of all ages. It was a beautiful wedding day and made for a great setting for shots of our bride, Anna. We did our usual close ups but my favourite was capturing Anna getting ready in her parents bedroom and having her mother and fathers wedding photo in the shot with her.

See more…

01 Feb 2015

Here is a summer wedding I’ve captured in Athens. The lovely couple chose their homeland as they wanted to ensure their special day was infused with unmistakable Greek flavour. Constantinos lives in Milan and Aphrodite resides in Lausanne. The couple met in the Italian capital when Aphrodite moved there to study. See more…

11 Sep 2014

Agatha and Christos’ Cypriot Wedding at Sopwell House in Hertfordshire.

See more…

13 Jul 2014

It is a pleasure to work in the National Motorcycle Museum as we did for Eleni and Bradley who had their beautiful wedding in Birmingham. The theme for the wedding was classically romantic, with a pure white colour scheme given sparkle with a liberal application of crystals and diamonds. We had a team at Eleni’s house to capture the fun and emotion of her Greek-Cypriot stolisma tradition. See more…

30 Jun 2014

A wedding in the beautiful Pelion mountain in the Greek Midland. Here is some of my favourite pages of Alexandra and Anastasio’s wedding album. See more…

29 Apr 2014

Catherine and John. A Regency Banqueting Suite Wedding in North London. See more…

10 Apr 2014

There is no other type of a faith wedding like an orthodox wedding ceremony. Vibrant, decorative, and beautifully emotional, they are full of wonderful photo opportunities as you can see from this collection of images from Εlsa and Michael’s wedding at St Sophia cathedral in London.
See more…

30 May 2013

We started with the bridal preparation at bride’s parents house in Cockfosters, North London. The bride was was surrounded by a loving and warm family!

The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the Langham Hotel London which was decorated with white. It was elegant and made for some great shots! Coming together the Indian and Greek cultures was just fabulous and groom made his grand entrance behind some Indian drummers! There was a beautiful ceremony followed by some latin guitar music.

Where the main reception was held, was the most fabulous place to capture. So many beautiful details and it was so well thought out, not to mention that decadent cake! We made sure to get some shots before everyone entered. After the ceremony all guests were invited outside to the Langham’s Middleton Rose Garden for drinks and canapés. See more…

19 May 2013

This lovely wedding took place at St Mary Greek church in Wood Green also known as “Panagia”. After the ceremony we went at the Pendridge Suite in New Southgate to celebrate their big day. An enormous congratulations on their fabulous day.

See more…

11 May 2013

There is nothing like a Greek-Cypriot celebration to reinforce just how vital family and friends are to a couple taking their first steps into married life. Although the bride and groom are the natural focal point, everyone close to the couple plays a role in their big day from the stolisma that helps them prepare, to the active roles played by the couples’ parents, maid of honour and best man throughout the ceremony. Even the way everyone congregates into one happy party on the dancefloor is a testament to the importance of the support of family and friends. We always find it a beautiful and humbling experience to witness these bonds in our role. See more…

03 Apr 2013

I love my photography to tell a story, on this occasion that of Stavroula and Stathis’s Greek wedding (Griechische Hochzeit) as well as the their son’s christening. It gave me great joy to photograph their special day held in Stuttgart, Germany. As Stavroula readied herself for the big moment in the family home, I caught the details of her preparations at this welcoming residence. From the moments and details to close ups of family and friends. Smiles, laughs, anticipation, excitement.

See more…