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A wedding in Birmingham | Eleni & Bradley

It is a pleasure to work in the National Motorcycle Museum as we did for Eleni and Bradley who had their beautiful wedding in Birmingham. The theme for the wedding was classically romantic, with a pure white colour scheme given sparkle with a liberal application of crystals and diamonds. We had a team at Eleni’s house to capture the fun and emotion of her Greek-Cypriot stolisma tradition. The custom is easily recognisable in the photos by the red sash, that Eleni’s family passed around her waist as a blessing and sign of fertility, and the burning of incense as a prayer for protection. All of this takes place to the accompaniment of traditional songs to create an atmosphere that is both sentimental and uplifting. In a world that can sometimes feel too fast-paced an impersonal, traditions like the Stolisma act as a touchstone for faith and family values.

The couple chose the Greek church of the Holy Trinity and St Luke in Birmingham. There is nothing like the wonder that comes from walking into an orthodox church for the first time, and the interior of this church is particularly magnificent with not only the gold paint of the icons on the walls for decoration but a spectacular gilded ceiling as well. The painted church is a joy to photograph, and the deep blue of the walls made a fantastic backdrop for the wedding in Birmingham.

Planning a multicultural wedding can be a challenge but, if there is one thing we have learned in our years of covering weddings, is that love will find a way. Eleni and Bradley arranged a fantastic celebration of their union, combining the bride’s Cypriot background with the groom’s British one to create the perfect start to married life.

After a beautiful ceremony rich with tradition, the couple was showered with confetti by their family and friends. These pictures are some of the day’s favourites, with the black and white finish giving them a timeless appeal that will never look dated or out of fashion. It is always a privilege to spend time with a couple in the first hour after their ceremony. The sense of joy and love is often mixed with a tinge of relief that the moment they have been planning for and dreaming of for so long was so much easier to accomplish than they expected! When the time comes, saying “I do” is the easiest thing in the world.

The National Motorcycle Museum is experienced at hosting large events such as weddings, and their attention to detail meant the ballroom looked incredible. Highlights of the wedding reception included:

● The amazing six-tier wedding cake with its astonishing detail, with every other tier decorated with glittering edible crystals that tied in beautifully with the visual theme.
● Bradley participating in the traditional Greek dancing. This is always a lot of fun, and Bradley’s enthusiasm was a positive sign of his willingness to embrace his new wife’s customs.
● The glamorous female guests in their stylish gowns in fantastic colours with lots of glittering details.

Congratulations to Bradley and Eleni, and thank you for choosing us to be your Greek wedding photographer and videographer.

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