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Aphrodite & Constantinos’ Wedding in Athens

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Here is a summer wedding I’ve captured in Athens. The lovely couple chose their homeland as they wanted to ensure their special day was infused with unmistakable Greek flavour. Constantinos lives in Milan and Aphrodite resides in Lausanne. The couple met in the Italian capital when Aphrodite moved there to study.

The couple’s elegant and contemporary style choices were a testament to their sophisticated taste. Working with Aphrodite in her ethereal summer wedding dress with her beautiful smile, was an effortless delight. The Greek marbles lit in the summer sun, with a plethora of historic backdrops to chose from, accompanied by the majestic blue of the sea provided the perfect setting to create a series of arresting bridal photos of the couple’s special day; making it all the more memorable. 
Their wedding images are inspired by and are a reflection of their cosmopolitan lifestyle and the distinct characteristics, traditions and colours of Greece. They tied the knot in Athens at Agios Dimitrios Loumpardiaris, a beautiful idyllic chapel on the Acropolis moments from the Parthenon.

In keeping with the striking location of the ceremony, the reception took place by the beach at Balux Prive and Dreams next to stunning views of the Aegean Sea, where more of their friends and family from across Europe joined them and celebrated that wedding until the early hours of the morning.

Balux Prive Asteras was the perfect fit for the reception. The venue’s modern design aesthetic effortlessly complimented the graceful and minimalist overall tone of the day. Aphordite was an enchanting vision, not unlike a greek Goddess, as hand in hand with a beaming Constantinos, the two newly weds took to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. The couple seemed to float in the romantic lighting on the dance floor; the perfect opener to welcome all of the guests to join In and celebrate with them.

This is a wedding that successfully managed to incorporate sumptuous elegance, contemporary understated charm, and yet was still at its heart, an intimate family wedding where the emotions of the guests and the bride and groom were of course at the centre of the celebration. Congratulations!



  1. afroditi georgoulia |

    Un grand merci à Nek!!!!!..pas seulement un photographe mais aussi un artiste et un ami!!!!

  2. Eirini Alevizaki |

    Καλησπέρα! Είμαι φίλη των παιδιών και αυτο που θέλω να σας πω, είναι πως δημιουργήσατε ένα υπέροχο αλμπουμ του γάμου τους! Αποτυπώσατε την ιδιαίτερη αυτή μέρα με μια φυσικοτητα και λιτοτητα, που κάνει όλες τις φωτογραφιες μοναδικες και γεματες συναισθημα! Χαιρομαι πολύ γιατι με αυτόν το τρόπο τους προσφέρατε ένα ανεκτιμητο δωρο!

  3. konstantinos nasiakos |

    per noi il matrimonio era bellissimo e grazie a Nek ce lo ricorderemmo per tutta la vita.grazie Nek

  4. Francis Zart |

    Thank you Nek for making this wedding post. Enjoying : )

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