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Couple’s Photoshoots

04 Jul 2018| 10 comments

With the help of a professional Mykonos photographer shooting at the right moment, Manousos and Hara had managed to tell their own story both together as one and each on their own – and its speaks for itself! Capturing the true aura of the couple, as well as the magnificent Mykonos island scenery surrounding the couple, it’s hard not to fall in love with Mykonos island. It’s authentic Greek blue and white architecture and See more…

20 Jun 2018| 4 comments

A couple’s photoshoot in London (updated) – The city of London is bursting with fantastic sights, iconic landmarks, and oodles of character. It’s no wonder that couples from around the world make a special effort to have a photoshoot London- even if they’re not having a London wedding.

Jialin and Qingrong are one of a growing number of couples from China and the US having their engagement and pre-wedding photographs in London. Some couples have links with the city, either having lived or studied here, while for others it is the trip of a lifetime, a honeymoon and a sensational way to celebrate their marriage.

Being a London professional photographer is always fun and Jialin and Qingrong’s couple photoshoot was an absolute delight from start to finish. See more…

07 Jun 2018| 0 comments

Despite this being the age of the selfie, it is normal for couples to feel an initial sense of awkwardness when it comes to their engagement photoshoot. Not only is the process of having professional photos taken something they may not have done since they at school, but there is the added pressure of creating an image of themselves as a couple that they feel is a genuine representation of them. No matter how majestic the backdrop, how beautiful the clothing and how skillfully the photos are shot and edited, if the resulting photos do not reflect how the subjects see themselves, then they are not successful engagement photos..

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24 Mar 2018| 0 comments

A couple’s photoshoot is always romantic, especially when it takes place somewhere as beautiful as Santorini. This Greek island is one of my favourite places to take engagement pictures and destination wedding photos, so when this couple Elizabeth and Marcos, asked me to do a photoshoot in Santorini, I was delighted to accept. See more…

07 Feb 2018| 3 comments

The Greek island of Mykonos is a top choice for couples searching for a romantic holiday, or the location of their destination wedding. Lying in the Mediterranean in the heart of Aegean sea, it is one of the smallest and sunniest of the Greek islands, enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Chora is the most picturesque town for Mykonos photography. Traditional whitewashed houses welcome visitors with their colourful doors, and it is a pleasure to get lost walking along ancient streets which twist and turn, offering a fantastic view or an unforgettable cafe around nearly every corner. The white buildings are the perfect foil for the azure sky, and a wonderful backdrop for tumbling bougainvillea flowers in vivid pinks and purples.

If you are considering a destination wedding in Chora you’ll be able to walk from your hotel or villa to the church through streets closed to traffic, accompanied by your family and friends and, if you like the tradition, musicians.
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01 Jan 2018| 0 comments

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not only about having beautiful pictures to share with family and display at the wedding, it is also a way for a couple to show the world how they see themselves as a couple and to confidently launch themselves into the arena of nearly-newlyweds. Of course, weddings are about the bride and groom, but they are also about traditions and families. A couple’s photoshoot, however, is only about the couple, and they are great fun for everyone involved.

As Chandni and Pinal were having their Hindu wedding in London, they wanted a different location for their pre-wedding photos. See more…

02 May 2016| 0 comments

Travelling abroad for a destination wedding is the dream of many couples who want to escape Britain’s or other “north” countries’ unpredictable weather for somewhere they can be sure of a sunny wedding day.
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28 Apr 2016| 0 comments

V and I knew their wedding day, which we were the wedding photographer St Albans for and which you can see here, was going to be as much about the bringing together of their Greek and Indian families as it was about celebrating their marriage. Having a pre-wedding shoot was a great opportunity for them to put aside the stress of wedding planning and simply enjoy being together.

The couple was a joy to work with. These images are from their pre-wedding photography, which we took a couple of weeks before their big day in Verulamium Park in St Albans, and around some landmarks of this Hertfordshire’s historic city.  See more…

09 Sep 2015| 5 comments

Forget Paris! When it comes to Europe’s most romantic city it is London all the way. Just look at these incredible photographs from Nimia and Albert’s photo session London. The newlyweds flew from Miami en route of their honeymoon! They booked me for a “London Love Gallery” shooting, to celebrating their wedding by posing around famous streets and sights.

Our photo session in London started at the iconic Tower Bridge. Dating from 1894, it is a favourite spot with visitors to the city. The high walkways – 42 metres above the River Thames – give some of the best views in London, though the faint hearted may want to avoid looking down while crossing the 11 metre section of glass floor.


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17 Jun 2015| 3 comments

This couple were on holiday in London and wanted something special to remember being here together. What better idea than to have a professional photo shoot in London with each other, around some of city’s most exclusive landmarks and streets or tourists attractions and sights. The day was grey and of what many Londoners would call miserable, however the colour of the sky added nothing but further depth to the imagery, making that couple stand out dramatically.

Here are some of my favourites from this professional photo shoot London. See more…

18 May 2014| 1 comment
The Leicester Botanical Gardens made a spectacular back drop for Christos and Anna’s Pre Wedding shoot. Not only are these sessions fun and a great chance for the couple to relax prior to the busy wedding, they are also a fantastic practice of what shooting will be like when taken on the actual wedding day – as many clients that book with us have never been in front of the professional camera and lights before.
In their Pre wedding shoot Anna and Christos were so naturals! I loved capturing them in front of contrast colour settings. We made use of some of the structures in the gardens and had the couple play around with them, creating some unique and more ‘playful’ shots. Whilst I also loved capturing Anna simply against a back drop of either pure green, or a singular colour of pure flowers, appearing almost like a flower wall behind her. See more…