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Mykonos | Hara & “Pierros” Manousos

With the help of a beautiful sun, Manousos and Hara had managed to tell their own story both together as one and each on their own – and its speaks for itself! Capturing the true aura of the couple, as well as the magnificent island scenery surrounding them, it’s hard not to fall in love with this island. It’s authentic Greek blue and white architecture and distinct Cycladic island layout, crystal clear water, peerless beaches, narrow graphic alleys, picturesque windmills, and unique fun venues not found anywhere else, all synthesise an imperceptible atmosphere that is hard to resist. Especially for young couples like Hara and Manousos, who have the bursting energy of youth and flaming romance within their spirits.

Manousos and Hara’s notable love story begun when he, a local resident and son of the founder of Pierro’s bar, a famous bar synonymous with the cosmopolitan aura of the island, had met the beautiful Hara, who had been working in the island for a season. It didn’t take long for the couple to realise that in each other’s eyes they could see a future, a realisation that influenced their decision to get engaged and of course capture their engagement moments for a lifetime.

We are a team of experienced Mykonos photographers working across Greek Islands, the UK and international. With many years of experience, an enthusiastic approach to work, and an impressive portfolio under our belt, we are ready to fulfil all your desires and needs, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!


  1. Manousos |

    They are AMAZING!! Thank you so much. We have both been talking with our friends tonight with everyone going on about how much we love the pics. Hara sends her best too, and a massive thanks. 

  2. Hara |

    Nek you made sure we had amazing photos to treasure for the rest of our lives. Se euxaristoume gia ola!

  3. Peter Stan |

    Rock n Rolla!

  4. J C |

    Hara these pictures are so beautiful, keep that hapiness forever. xxx

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