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07 Jan 2016| 4 comments

(Updated) – Did you know you process images up to 60,000 times faster than written words? People are visual creatures, which is why it is so important your commercial photographs accurately reflect the quality of your business, and show your customers what you want them to see.

As a professional photographer with many years experience I have built up an advertising and commercial photography portfolio I am proud of. Below are some of my favourite images from Lidl Hellas. I have worked with them since 2008, helping to solidify their reputation as a retailer of great standing with quality photographs that showcase their brand and tell their story visually.

Commercial Photography is not just about advertising campaigns, it is about creating a rich resource of cohesive images you can use in every aspect of your business from your emails and social media marketing, to your website, and even your annual reports, to demonstrate cohesion in your values. Finding the right commercial Photographer to create a partnership with will give your visual identity consistency and even more value to the images.

Stand Out From the Crowd

When it comes to social media, exceptional commercial Photography is crucial. Facebook alone has over 300 million photos uploaded to it every day, while Instagram has 58 million. To enable your message to be noticed against a busy backdrop of traffic you need superior quality images which say precisely what you want them to, and which complement your company’s core brand. See more…

02 Oct 2015| 3 comments

Room Seasons products have that extra quality and stylisation that every food photographer loves. Nicolas and Damien founders of the company are two talented food professionals who studied together at the internationally acclaimed Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon France. It was a pleasure for me to work with them and in their London based company. I was able to capture the essence of the business via wonderful closeup food shots, full of lovely textures and vibrant colours. Room Seasons provides food room service for 3 and 4 star hotels. I believe the imagery from this shoot captures a 5* service showcasing professional shots of the staff and delectable food in professional packaging. My photography tells a story about this new and promising company with its fantastic service and products. Without a doubt these food photos will visually enhance any advertising the Room Seasons company does and we wish them all the best for the future!

Take a look at my food portfolio here and feel free to drop me a note. I am a very experienced food photographer based in London, also available in Hertfordshire, across the UK and international.
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04 Jan 2015| 3 comments

Excellent hotel photography is crucial for your business. People process images faster than words, meaning that the photos on your website are what potential guests will base their first impressions on. If you don’t capture their attention with your images it doesn’t matter how good your services or how convincing your words, they will quickly move on.

As an hotel photographer of many years experience I know there is nothing more important that lighting for both interior photography, and architectural photography. Different sides of a building may require different types of light to show them at their best. For example, direct sunlight on a bright day could make the facade of your hotel look amazing, or it could cast hard shadows and give a terrible result, in which case it would be better to shoot at a different time of day.

A night shot of your hotel is an absolute must, especially if you have effective outdoor lighting. Often these shots are best done during what I call the golden minutes – the twenty minutes after sunrise and before sunset, when natural light is at its most flattering for both buildings and people. While mid-day-time exterior photography can be difficult if your facade has large areas of glass or windows, night-time adds a dimension of glamour and sophistication to your hotel.

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11 Dec 2014| 0 comments

See below some Before and After examples and common mistakes in Hotel photoshoot.
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18 May 2013| 1 comment

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the photography for Swallow Churchgate Hotel, in Harlow, Essex. Working in historic buildings is always a pleasure for a hotel photographer, so my enthusiasm in doing this particular assignment was unrivalled.  See more…

12 Apr 2013| 0 comments

As Greek photographers, we spend much of our time in photographing hotels in the Greek islands as well as in mainland. So we leapt at the opportunity to take professional hotel photos for the beautiful Country Club Hotel in Karpenisi. Rather than merely being a backdrop to a wonderful day, hotel photography puts the building and its decor firmly in focus. It is an exciting challenge to capture the atmosphere of a hotel and convey it to potential guests. 

The Country Club Hotel from rising group of Across Hotels, is on the Central Greek mainland, in a lovely small village called Mikro Chorio, surrounded by mountains and forests. If you did not know you were in Greece, you could almost picture yourself as in the Swiss Alps or a Colorado ski resort, as the hotel has the atmosphere of a luxurious lodge. The red and green interior echoes the natural landscape, while the panelled wood ceilings, stone walls and roaring fireplaces are reminiscent of a ski chalet. See more…

03 Apr 2013| 2 comments

This medical photo session, was one of the most interesting subjects I had the pleasure to photograph. Dr.Apostolides is a general surgeon doctor. In his recent career he specialises in bariatric surgery and he is the founder of Bariatric Surgery Ltd. Photographic medical is not a subject photographers do often, so I felt pleased when he called me. The photography subject was an advertising medical photo session for the website of the company. See more…

23 Feb 2013| 2 comments

Below is a collection of pictures for a luxury mobile phone by Envvvy, targeted specifically for females. Envvvy is an exclusive brand that typically uses precious and/or semi precious metals and stones in their collections, justifying the thousands of pounds they charge for their luxury goods. Popular with the Arabian culture, plus all of those who shop at Harrods, this series of photographs had to be particularly high end and able to lure in this high profile genre of people. This Fashion-look Photoshoot was done in studio and then towards the end outdoors. The models were dressed glamorous and sophisticated to cleverly lure both men and women to wanting what is in the hands of these tall beauties. I particularly enjoyed this shoot as I love photographing long gowns and capturing the way they move on camera.
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