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Recipes Book | Series 1

21 Mar 2013| 2 comments | Food

It was a great experience doing the food photography for this publication. All the plates was high-end creations of contemporary mediterranean cuisine. Cooked with extra care and attention by the chefs, this food photography project included more than 1500 creative recipes and equivalent plates. I enjoyed the eight months of shooting, editing and archiving thousands of pictures. 45 cook books were published in three languages by Maliaris-Peadia Publications. I would have liked to be able to tell Leonardo Garcia and Giannis Margaris what talented chefs they are, but unfortunately they never prepared a dish for a shooting that the photographer could taste! Almost everything was completely uncooked, to protect the food sight and colour, which is what we do with a vast majority of food shootings. Except of course from the cake at the end… That indeed was cooked!

Photos showing plates with pasta - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 01 Photos of cooking pasta and fish - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 02 A roast beef plate - Food Photography - Malliaris Publications 03

Food photography for cook book publications

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  1. Linda Madison |

    Amazing work guys Tip of the day: never look at food blogs when you’re hungry.

  2. Simon Basteja |

    The picture with pork over the mash potatoes looks like 3D. Brilliant photos!

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