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Why is quality interior photos so important?

Excellent images are crucial for your business. People process images faster than words, meaning that the images on your website are what potential guests will base their first impressions on. If you don’t capture their attention with your images it doesn’t matter how good your services or how convincing your words, they will quickly move on. Different sides of a building may require different types of light to show them at their best. For example, direct sunlight on a bright day could make the facade of your B&B, apartment or hotel look amazing, or it could cast hard shadows and give a terrible result, in which case it would be better to shoot at a different time of day. 

A night/twilight shot is an absolute must, especially if you have effective outdoor lighting. Often these shots are best done during what I call the golden minutes – the twenty minutes after sunrise and before sunset, when natural light is at its most flattering for buildings sides.

The quality of your interior gallery is vital to show your business has something more to offer than your competitors. Interior lighting is a professional speciality – the right lighting can make a bijou room look cosy and inviting, while the wrong light can make even the most spacious and elegantly appointed room look dingy and cramped.

Just like people, all buildings have angles and character and there is skill in finding these and showing them in a way that will allow potential guests to visualise themselves staying in comfort.

Taking photos is only a part of the process. Editing is the important next step and can include anything from cropping images, adjusting brightness, removing unwanted elements, and correcting colour to show your hotel in a harmonious way. One of the most important tasks is fine tuning the perspective, which is done using an ultra wide angle lens.



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