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Architecture & Corporate | Lidl Hellas Head Office

We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Lidl Hellas, which spans over a decade. In the past, we have provided them with both architecture and commercial photos, and we were very excited to see their new Head Office in Greece.

This job came in two parts. One aspect was the architectural shoot, taking images of the interior and exterior of the new building to reflect its impressive modern styling and clean lines. The second task was styling – choosing the prints and the frames to suit the internal space. This exercise was not merely a matter of picking some nice pictures. Instead, we carefully selected images, then had them printed in a variety of ways, from laminated vinyl to prints on metal mounts, and even had pictures printed onto thin sheets of aluminium and acrylic. We enjoyed the creative process immensely, and the resulting collaboration is one of which we are very proud.

Great architecture is about image as much as function. As the Head Office of Lidl Hellas, it represents the company’s brand to the public, showing them that this is a growing and dynamic company. These photos also work to inform and engage potential employees – these offices are impressive, both inside and out, and somewhere you want to work whether you are a Stockroom Manager or the Managing Director. Finally, these photos show that this is an efficient business you can rely on to carry the product lines you want to buy.

There are several centuries of buildings to inspire beautiful architecture photos in Greece, but, despite its impressive past, the company was keen to show how efficient and forward-looking it is. This building is state-of-the-art and we used a variety of techniques to show this, including different lenses and angles.

Some of the things we did to achieve these results included:

● Looking around the building at different times of day and in different weather conditions (where possible) to work out where the light worked best for various areas. The daytime facade of an average looking building can be transformed into a captivating arena when lit up at night. Clouds can add drama and contrast to an otherwise perfectly blue sky. Multiple visits to the site will help you achieve this.

● Interior lighting is often designed to be functional rather than being to pick out a building’s design details. Sometimes it is necessary to bring in extra light to make specific features stand out in a photograph.

● Play around with perspective and take photos from different angles and with different lenses.

In addition to showing the building as a whole, pick out some of the more interesting details in close-ups. The details speak just as much about a business and an architect as signage does. If you are taking architectural photos for a client rather than for your pleasure, make sure you understand the image they want to project to their investors, employees and customers. This objective will influence everything you do on the shoot.

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