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Medical Photo session for “Bariatric Surgery”

This medical photo session, was one of the most interesting subjects I had the pleasure to photograph. Dr.Apostolides is a general surgeon doctor. In his recent career he specialises in bariatric surgery and he is the founder of Bariatric Surgery Ltd. Photographic medical is not a subject photographers do often, so I felt pleased when he called me. The photography subject was an advertising medical photo session for the website of the company. The main part of this medical photo session was done at a clinic and some of the portraits at doctor’s surgery. It is so important to have good photographs for your company marketing and advertising which clearly display the type of service you are providing. Pictures speak thousand of words and good imagery is an invaluable marketing tool. We provide photo session for any type of advertisement. We also offer services of professional headshots, again highly important for marketing purposes.

Medical Photo session for "Bariatric Surgery" and D. Apostolides Surgeon Doctor.

Bariatric Surgery Ltd – Medical photo session


  1. Dimos Apostolides |

    I couldn’t have asked for more!!-photographs filled with professinalism just as I imagined. Thank you.

  2. Ranga el |

    The picture where doctor is under pressure is powerful. 3rd one i guess… This job always feels like that especialy when people lives depends from you.

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