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Hotel Photography | Country Club Karpenisi, Greece

As Greek photographers, we spend much of our time in photographing hotels in the Greek islands as well as in mainland. So we leapt at the opportunity to take professional hotel photos for the beautiful Country Club Hotel in Karpenisi. Rather than merely being a backdrop to a wonderful day, hotel photography puts the building and its decor firmly in focus. It is an exciting challenge to capture the atmosphere of a hotel and convey it to potential guests. 

The Country Club Hotel from rising group of Across Hotels, is on the Central Greek mainland, in a lovely small village called Mikro Chorio, surrounded by mountains and forests. If you did not know you were in Greece, you could almost picture yourself as in the Swiss Alps or a Colorado ski resort, as the hotel has the atmosphere of a luxurious lodge. The red and green interior echoes the natural landscape, while the panelled wood ceilings, stone walls and roaring fireplaces are reminiscent of a ski chalet.

Light is the most significant challenge when photographing an interior, and it is a key consideration when planning a shoot. We want to make the most of the available natural light, so set our schedule for the day based on where the sun will be. What point is it photographing an east-facing breakfast room in the afternoon, or taking photos of a sundeck before the sun reaches it? To deliver the best professional photos, we use natural and artificial light to show the features of the hotel to their best advantage. 

You will notice that, in almost every shot, the rooms and grounds are vacant of guests. This is because we want the focus to be on the decor and amenities of the hotel and because fashion can quickly date a shot and make it obsolete. For example, you can’t use an image of a couple in swimming costumes to appeal to a winter market. Also, while your decor may be classic and timeless, it can quickly look old-fashioned if the clothing the models are wearing is out of style. However, the staff are the heart and soul of any top hotel and we wanted to give our client the option of using some images with people. The solution was to photograph a chef dressed in a traditional white jacket, which is an item of clothing that remains reassuringly constant. 

There are always areas a client wants to show off above others. In the instance of the Country Club Karpenisi, it was the spacious public lounge with its fantastic open fireplace, as well as the sumptuous bedrooms. We shot these areas at different times and staged in a variety of ways so that guests can easily imagine themselves using the space whether they are the sort to use the lounge to meet their business clients for coffee, or enjoy a glass of wine and a post-dinner plate of cheese. The same approach goes for the bedrooms, and you will notice that these are set up with the bed turned down, and with the curtains open and a breakfast tray for those who enjoy lazy mornings. 

We chose to shoot the exterior of this hotel during the day to show how well it blends into the surrounding landscape, and to make it possible to appreciate the beautiful mountain views from the lodge. Photography for a city hotel, for example, is sometimes better at night when the exterior lighting makes the architecture appear more dramatic and sophisticated and distracts guests from an unappealing view. 

If you would like to talk about hotel advertising photography or see more examples of our work, then please contact us. 



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