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Santorini Photoshoot





Santorini is the stuff of a photographer’s dreams, and arriving here feels like stepping into a postcard!

Your love story is unique and deserves to be photographed in one of the most romantic locations!

A photoshoot in Santorini is a collaboration of your style and our skill.

Photography sample of Santorini photoshoot


The Island

Anyone who has spent time in Santorini, also known as Thera, can testify to its beauty. Though I now live for every wintertime in London, Greece is usually my May to October home and the Cyclades Islands hold a special place in my heart. If you look at my portfolio below, then you will see pages of Santorini photo shoots highlighting the romantic landscape that has me wholly in its thrall.

A Santorini photoshoot is a great idea for families or individuals, and perfect for romantic couples from all over the world who are visiting the island on vacation, getting married, wedding honeymoon or anniversary. Santorini makes one of the most enchanting backdrops and it is ideal for many kinds of photoshoots such as a pre or post-wedding photoshoot, an engagement or Save the Date photo session, and it is that you and your other half can cherish and share with your friends and family, and for generations to follow.

Santorini is the stuff of a photographer’s dreams, and arriving here feels like stepping into a postcard. One of the most iconic sights is of dazzling white buildings with domes painted in a vivid azure blue and accented with hot pink bougainvillaea flowers that flourish on the island. An enormous volcano in 1,500 BCE gave birth to Santorini and the landscape we recognise today, including the unforgettable sight of the caldera. Narrow cobbled streets – unchanged for centuries – wind their way through villages before opening up into glorious panoramic views that make it a favourite of all the 117 inhabited Greek Islands.


What to Expect

I would love to hear your Santorini holiday plans, and talk to you about how I can make your holiday extra special with a Santorini photo shoot. Need a honeymoon photographer who can make your photos even more romantic? My extensive knowledge of every place of the island means that I can take you to the most picturesque spots. Commemorate your holiday with a fun family photoshoot, or make your friends Insta-envious with a beautiful vacation photoshoot where I take you to the most scenic places you can imagine.

Your Santorini photoshoot can start wherever you like. I can suggest a variety of locations based within reach of where you are staying. A popular choice is the historic village of Oia, which is less crowded than Fira and renowned for its spectacular sunsets. My favourite location however is Imerovigli, which is even more quiet than Oia and as it is situated in the middle of caldera it gives one of the best views. Your photoshoot will be relaxed and fun, with a bit of a guided tour of the island thrown in as we travel to different locations. I’ll show you the photos throughout the day so that you can be involved with the creative process as we go along.

You can find out more about my Santorini photo or video service and get in touch by filling in the online contact form. I’d love to hear from you.


A Santorini Photoshoot

Santorini Photoshoot from €980 / US$1,100


  • Full-day up to 8 hour photoshoot in many popular and secret locations
  • Every photo is edited, ready to display (70-120 files)
  • Transportation including pick up from your hotel and drop off
  • Special editing and retouching to 30 selected photos
  • Online Gallery to view, share, and download your photos
  • All photos in high resolution, with full printing and sharing rights
  • Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity
  • Optional video shoot

We can also arrange a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to give you a makeover before your photoshoot. Please fill in the form to get in touch and receive our list of our additional services. We would love to talk to you about arranging your own Santorini photoshoot!


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Planning a Wedding in Santorini

For wedding enquiries please use our wedding package tool.

If you are planning a destination wedding in Santorini, there are some essential facts you need to know.

  • You do not need to get married in a church for your union to be legally binding. In fact, you can tie the knot virtually anywhere from a cliff-top at sunset, to a private villa, hotel ballroom, a cave lit with candles and fairy lights, a vineyard or even a yacht.

  • It is best to start planning your destination wedding in Greece as early as possible to ensure you have enough time to submit your paperwork for processing. All relevant certificates need to be translated into Greek by an officially registered translator.

  • If you opt for a religious ceremony, be aware that it will be conducted in Greek. However, a civil ceremony can be held in English.

  • Many couples opt for a quiet civil ceremony in their own country before they recreate the ceremony in Santorini, which avoids the expense and delay of arranging all the relevant paperwork.

Sample Photoshoot Stories in the Greek Islands
13 Aug 2020

Joanne and Lee wanted their big-day somewhere magical. They couldn’t have made a better choice for their Mykonos wedding photography than the stunning Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa near the island’s capital of Chora. Mykonos holds a special place in my heart as I have family on the island and know it well. I was delighted when the British couple asked me to be their See more…

20 Oct 2019

The Paros wedding of Florentia and Dimitris was extremely modern in that it spanned several countries. The Greek couple lives in the UAE but wanted their wedding in Paros which is one of the most beautiful Cyclades Islands. Their plan was absolute music to my ears because, although I live in the UK, Greece is my homeland and where I work during the summer season. Planning See more…

24 Sep 2019

A couple’s gallery is always romantic, especially when it takes place somewhere as beautiful as Santorini. This Greek island is one of my favourite places to take pictures, so when Elizabeth and Marcos, asked me to work for them, I was delighted to accept. As I work often in Santorini, Mykonos and the other Greek islands I’m very familiar with their beauty spots. The session started with a detailed consultation to give me an understanding of the type of images they wanted, whether they were going to share copies with their family or use for wedding invitations, and how they planned to display them. See more…

14 Apr 2019

That beautiful island of is close to my heart so I was excited to do this work showcasing wedding style and bridal fashion. When we snap weddings in the Greek Islands, or anywhere else, the focus is always the newlyweds. The clothing, accessories and setting are all chosen to make the bride and groom stand out – they are, understandably, the stars of the show. With styled images, however, the focus is less on the people and more on the clothing and the location. We create aspirational pictures that fuel the imagination of a bride and groom, showing them how their wedding could look. See more…

09 Oct 2018

On the Cycladic islands of Paros in the heart of the Aegean, the love of two people, for the sea, for life, was consummated with a truly original wedding. I was there to portray their precious moments and tell their inimitable story.

It was not a surprise that a day before we seemed to have ‘lost’ the groom who had gone for a ‘catch up’ with the Aegean Sea before the big day. D. and C.’s love affair with the Greek Islands had begun several years earlier when they went for a holiday and got hooked with kitesurfing.

See more…

04 Jul 2018

With the help of a beautiful sun, Manousos and Hara had managed to tell their own story both together as one and each on their own – and its speaks for itself! Capturing the true aura of the couple, as well as the magnificent island scenery surrounding them, it’s hard not to fall in love with this island. It’s authentic Greek blue and white architecture and distinct Cycladic island layout, crystal clear water, peerless beaches, narrow graphic alleys, picturesque windmills, and unique fun venues not found anywhere else, all synthesise an imperceptible atmosphere that is hard to resist. Especially for young couples like Hara and Manousos, who have the bursting energy of youth and flaming romance within their spirits.

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17 Apr 2018

Even though they live abroad but married in their homeland Macedonia Greece, Maria and Akis wanted a session in Santorini island. Since I often work in Cyclades, I know the islands exceptionally well and was able to help them choose locations based on the sort of shots they wanted. Cyclades is a beautiful complex of 33 islands in Aegean Sea. Many popular islands are a part of it such as Santorini, los, Paros and Mykonos.  See more…

07 Feb 2018

Lying in the Mediterranean in the heart of Aegean Sea, Mykonos is one of the smallest and sunniest of the Greek islands, enjoying more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Traditional whitewashed houses of Chora welcome visitors with their colourful doors, and it is a pleasure to get lost walking along ancient streets which twist and turn, offering a fantastic view or an unforgettable cafe around nearly every corner. The white buildings are the perfect foil for the azure sky, and a wonderful backdrop for tumbling bougainvillea flowers in vivid pinks and purples.

See more…

12 Jul 2016

When L. and her family took a once-in-a-lifetime long holiday, they were keen to ensure they had a special way to remember the occasion. She had seen some of my work and contacted me in advance to arrange their session in Santorini. See more…

05 Aug 2013

Fashion photos of  bridal dresses from Ioanna’s Mitrousi Collection in Mykonos island, Greece.
See more…

14 May 2013

A christening in Paros island Greece. Panagia Ekatontapiliani church or Panagia Katapoliani  is a Byzantine complex in the beautiful Parikia.


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