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Florentia & Dimitris | A Wedding in Paros, Greece

The wedding of Florentia & Dimitris was extremely modern in that it spanned several countries. The Greek couple lives in the UAE but wanted their wedding in Paros which is one of the most beautiful Cyclades Islands. Their plan was absolute music to my ears because, although I live in the UK, Greece is my homeland and somewhere I love to be. Planning wedding over multiple countries and timezones has the potential for complications. Still, Florentia and Dimitris are such as fantastic couple, and I know the area so well that I knew the wedding photos would be perfect.

The couple used the Aelia Hospitality hotel as the base for their wedding in Paros. As most of their guests took the destination wedding as an opportunity for a holiday, it was a very relaxed group whom we met to photograph as the bride and groom prepared for the ceremony. A short trip to the incredibly picturesque location, a beautiful outdoor service, and then everyone piled back to the hotel where Vasso from MBW Events had organised an incredible dinner on the terrace and an evening party where the newlyweds celebrated with their family and friends.

I defy anyone to find a more picturesque place for a wedding than St Georgios Pyrgaki. Anyone on holiday to Paros should seek it out, even if they are not getting married, just for the stunning clifftop views over the Aegean Sea. It is a beautiful choice for a destination wedding in Greece not only because the location is spectacular but also because the people are so friendly and welcoming. What a wonderful way to start married life.

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