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A Wedding in Cyclades

On the Cycladic islands of Paros in the heart of the Aegean, the love of two people, for the sea, for life, was consummated with a truly original wedding. I was there to portray their precious moments and tell their inimitable story.

It was not a surprise that a day before we seemed to have ‘lost’ the groom who had gone for a ‘catch up’ with the Aegean Sea before the big day. D. and C.’s love affair with the Greek Islands had begun several years earlier when they went for a holiday and got hooked with kitesurfing.

In the casual spirit of a Greek summer in Cyclades, close family as well as friends from the island created the ideal backdrop for the wedding. A traditional bright white Cycladic chapel, the deep blue sea, the clear blue sky and the bright summer light allowed me to take some superb shots before the ceremony.

Bride’s breath-taking dress, a creation of the renowned Atelier Loukia, outshone all. The image in front of the open window engulfs the beautiful bride with rich light as she enters her new life.

The Aegean Sea and Greek orthodox elements blended together effortlessly, creating a spirited yet convivial atmosphere. Indeed the wit and humour of the priest exacerbated this mood and was unquestionably a cherry on the cake!

The now married couple enjoy a few shots in their element. And of course the cinematic kiss..

A personal favourite, their feet with a daisy realises a childlike depiction of carefreeness and content.

And as the sun sets, events conclude with a reception at a beach bar with music dance and friendship.

Although every wedding is genuinely unique, there are some moments and some events that truly transcend expectations, in that words would simply fail them. The beauty of the camera is that it is a vehicle through which these indescribable moments can be recorded and conveyed. In doing so, they evolve beyond the mere art of photography as they transmit so much in and of themselves. What follows is one of the best examples of these reflections in practice!

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