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Christening Photography


Our skill as a christening photographer has been honed over decades photographing special family moments such as baptisms and weddings. We use our extensive knowledge and experience to capture your family in all of its beauty, combining portraiture and story-telling christening photographs to give you an image gallery you will be delighted to display and share with family, Godparents and friends.

Christening photographer captures the catechism blessings during the baptism

As a parent, the day your child is welcomed into Christianity is one you want to cherish forever. Our professional christening photography and christening video service let you capture the beauty of the day and preserve these precious moments.

You can see from our portfolio that we are experienced photographing not only Catholic christenings but also Anglican, Greek and Eastern Orthodox services, and baby naming ceremonies. Our familiarity with many churches and venues around London means that we can plan the best interior shots and recommend suitable outdoor locations for more informal christening photographs as well as videos. Although your child will naturally be the main focus of our attention, we will also take time to capture the details, expressions and emotions that make the occasion so special.


We usually meet up with families an hour before the service. Where possible, we use parks or gardens near the church as a backdrop, to give a mix of indoor and outdoor photos for your christening photography gallery. We find that babies and toddlers are typically more relaxed and ready to smile before the service than after it, when they can feel tired and overwhelmed. With the priest’s permission, we use the time before guests enter the church to photograph the fine details over which you have taken care, like the candles and baby’s baptism outfit. We move discretely around guests as they arrive, taking candid photos of family and friends greeting each other and catching up.

Coverage of the day can include christening photography and videography, depending on your preference and the rules of your church. We can also capture the celebration that follows, staying to cover speeches and the cake cutting.

Details of our christening photography and video packages are listed below.

Christening Photography and Video Prices

Contact us and enquire our availability. You can check our listed guideline prices for christening photography and video however by messaging us you will also get our full price list, with informations about additional services and keepsakes such as lovely christening photo albums.


Christening photography ÂŁ370

  • Cover of the baptism by one christening photographer.

  • Short session at church for family portraits prior the ceremony.

  • All photographs edited one-by-one (200-300 files).

  • Private online gallery to view, share, and download.

  • Back-up cameras and everything required to ensure the work will run smoothly.

  • Optionals such as albums, photos at home, and more.

Christening videography ÂŁ390

  • Filming in FHD resolution by one video operator.

  • Multicam control and audio enhancement

  • Delivered versions: the Full-length and the Highlights

  • Spare cameras and everything required to ensure the process will run smoothly.

  • Fully insured for public liability & professional indemnity

  • Optional choices such as second cameraman, 4K filming, drone, and much more.

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Baptismal stories of

Christening Photography and Christening Video

30 Apr 2013

Given our appreciation of the picturesque setting, we were delighted to provide our services for Baby Leonidas. What a joy this little fellow was! From the moment he rocked up in his high tops and hat, toddling around confidently with a friendly smile, we knew this event was going to be an absolute pleasure to film. Leonidas loves the camera and, as you can see from this clip, the feeling is mutual!

The christening took place shortly after See more…

19 Apr 2013

Elsie’s baptism was a pleasure to capture at the Greek cathedral of the Divine Wisdom, known as Saint Sophia church in Bayswater, which I believe is also one of the most impressive churches in London and a world-class orthodox cathedral.

Elsie was a gorgeous little girl and we loved capturing the special moments of her day, with her lovely family. The cathedral  in Bayswater was full of spectacular detail and made a fantastic back drop inside and out for all shots. We particularly liked zoning in on Elsie’s expressions throughout the baptism ceremony, so sweet and unaware of what was about to happen. We also loved capturing the expressions of her parents interacting with her, the tiny details like her bracelet being held and little feet.
14 Apr 2013

Our day at Kieran’s baptism was a fun and lively. The cute and engaging toddler received the holy sacrament at the Church of the Immaculate Conception, also known as Farm Street Church, in Mayfair in the heart of London. It is not a church I knew well before Kieran’s baptism, but I am pleased to now be more familiar with it as it is a lovely building with beautiful features. It is unusually decorative for a Roman Catholic church in London with its brightly painted ceiling, stained glass windows, ornately carved altar and magnificent Gothic Revival features.
See more…

07 Apr 2013

The sun shone, and puffy white clouds drifted lazily across a blue sky when Vasilis was received into the christian faith at St George Greek church in Kingston, London. Unassuming from the outside yet wonderfully decorated with gilded iconography and a stunning azure blue ceiling within, it is a place where you can arrange a christening into a lovely atmosphere.  See more…

31 Mar 2013

It was a day for celebrations as baby Troy was welcomed into the Church, and we were happy to be at St Andrew’s Greek cathedral in Kentish town to provide the christening images for the family.  See more…

29 Mar 2013

We were quite excited when Aspa phoned us to book our services for her daughter’s Greek christening.

Every time we have the opportunity to capture a Greek christening, we begin with the family shots and prized portraits of baby and family. These have to be done before the ceremony gets underway. Post ceremony usually means the baby is tired and cranky with oily hair and wanting to rest which gives us little time for the quantity of shots that we’d like to have. We especially love capturing emotional christening shots of baby with mother as well as godparents. Guest’s faces tend to bring out the best expressions at the moment the baby is bathed in the blessed water when the professional always have his finger ready on the trigger. Other subjects for great pictures are the close ups of decorations, baby portraits using the light from the candles, the incense burning and all the filigree details in the church.

Baptism ceremonies are beautiful with no shortage of captivating objects to be captured. See more…

20 Jan 2013

Although there are tears at a wedding, they’re usually the happy sort. Orthodox christenings, however, are another story! Baby Alex’s big day started with sunshine and smiles, but his mood swiftly deteriorated when his two Godmothers prepared him for a chilly dip in the font. There was no need to worry though, as Alex was in good hands with Father Damianos. The priest is something of a St Katherine Barnet Christening baby whisperer, respecting that babies can feel scared in the unfamiliar setting, and calming them with his gentle demeanour. It wasn’t long before Alex was smiling again.

A Christening at St Katherine Greek church at Barnet is a joyous occasion. See more…

16 Jan 2013
We really loved capturing these moments of Aristotelis Wo’s baptism. There was an ambience of blue throughout the entire portraiture, which not only represent a ‘boy’ but also such wonderful qualities, like strength and stability. Everything was beautifully and tastefully done, including the keepsakes and little clothing for Aristotelis Wo, all tied with blue ribbon, carrying an almost nautical theme. Lovely settings like the deep blue leather sofa, made for wonderful photos with all of the children together. He was a very good boy to photograph and his personality can be shown through the imagery.
21 Apr 2012

A baby’s christening or baptism is one of the most significant early moments in their life. Baptism filming gives you a documentary record of every precious moment of this momentous day to cherish forever. In christenings not only are you celebrating their place in your family, the religious sacrament commemorates their acceptance into the church.

We were very happy to capture Leonidas’ baptism at St Nectarios church in Battersea London, where Father Christodoulos officiated. Leonidas was an angel throughout the service, happily being held by his Godparents as they committed to their role in his life while his parents watched proudly. Even being undressed and immersed in the font did not upset him – I suspect this little lion loves bath time! See more…

Based in London we provide christening photography and video in Herts, across the UK and internationally