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A Greek Christening at Twelve Apostles in Brookmans Park

We had the pleasure to shoot this wonderful Greek-Cypriot christening in Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire. This beautiful family chose the church of Twelve Apostles in Hatfield to baptise their lovable son Stefano. Below are some examples of the images we took, as well as a video clip with the highlights of the celebration. We always enjoy shooting christenings, as they have so much warmth and wonderful displays of emotion throughout, with small details that can be picked up so wonderfully through a camera. The setting was absolutely beautiful and a location we would recommend for fellow Greeks wanting a baptism for their children. The orthodox chapel of Twelve Apostles is one of the loveliest Greek churches in the country. Stefano was a wonderful baby, who was so well behaved and displayed such gorgeous emotion. May his baptism be just the start of a life filled with happiness.




  1. Penny Christou |

    I’m not even surprised when I see one more great christening from Nek. He did my son’s as well but because of privacy reasons I did not wanted them to be posted, but aside of that I had the best experience with Nek and his team. As I am very punctual then I like that everything is happening on time or even before time, but never late. They arrived even earlier than I thought and we did our photos without any rush before the church service started. Although I’m not too comfortable in front of cameras neither a good model but these guys made me feel very relaxed and they are also great with kids.

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