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Christening at the Holy Cross’ Greek cathedral in London

Christening is one of the most major mysteries in the Orthodox Christian Church and it makes a great opportunity for the child’s family to gather and celebrate together the entrance of the child to the body of the church. For this reason, the value of beautiful, high-quality shots is great as these will be kept as a milestone of the child’s greatest moments for the years to come.

As professionals with many years of experience in events and celebrations, we were delighted to be hired for the shooting of Sean Evangelos Toma’s baptism. The ceremony took place at the Greek cathedral of the Holy Cross and Archangel Michael in Golders Green London – a mesmerising spacious cathedral with a distinct modern orthodox architecture and a pictorial atmosphere which is perfect for shooting special ceremonies like weddings and christenings. The beautiful atmosphere was also enhanced by a colored theme that played among the warm earthy hues of brown, green, and yellow.

Sean Evangelos Tomas was a sweet baby boy with big, pearly and twinkling eyes that we absolutely loved zooming in. What made the whole ceremony extra interesting was the fact that the boy was baptised by three godmothers, all smiling joyously and effortlessly throughout the stages of the ceremony – something that made our job much more easier, as we really wanted to capture the feelings of those present in his christening as genuinely and accurately as possible.

The boy was wearing a gorgeous outfit with beige shirt and a navy striped jacket and navy blue pants, which was then changed after the baptism took place to a cute white outfit with a silver buttoned vest that made him look like a cute little gentleman.

Although little Sean did shed a few tears while being baptised by the Protopresbyter Vassilios Papathanasiou, he soon regained his smile back and even placed with the help of his mother his baptism candle in the church’s candle stand. Seeing the little boy’s attempt to hold and place its baptism candle in the candle stand was a very touching and cute moment that we were lucky to capture and made a truly great addition to Sean’s beautiful christening image album.

We thoroughly enjoyed shooting little Sean’s christening ceremony, and we hope we gave him and his family enough great material to be proud of in the future.


  1. Nana |

    “First and foremost, THANK YOU for your excellent work and for helping to make my son’s baptism a memorable time!!!
I received the photos and I was wow!!! Amazing!! Professional’s patience and discreteness made us all feel at ease. You have an amazing ability to capture feelings and emotions in your photography. I am so happy you were there for my son’s baptism.”
- Nana 

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