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Example shot of Hotel Photography showing a spa

Promote your business with a professional hotel photography in London or anywhere in the world. We transform your interiors, architecture, landscaping, and all of those vital details into high-res digital images that you can use to publicise your hotel and attract guests.

We understand how necessary strong images are for making the right first impression. And we know exactly how to make your buildings and interiors stand above those of your competition. Whether your establishment has five guest rooms or five hundred, We are hotel photographers who commit the same level of care and attention to detail to our work, collaborating with you and your marketing team to show your hotel in the best light to help you to increase your bookings.

What makes your hotel unique? Does it have an incredible view? Are you proud of your hotel’s seasonal menu, or do you treat guests to handmade artisan chocolates on their pillow? Every business has something they feel makes them stand out. The role of hotel photography is to help you showcase what makes your hotel somewhere guests will want to stay.

In an age where guests are sharing images of their experience even before they get to their room, it is vital that hotels also have control over their narrative. The story is yours to tell, and it starts with a carefully collated collection of images that will help build trust with your guests and secure reservations. As much as guests are interested in your pool’s tropical landscaping or the quality of your cocktail menu, they also want to know what they can expect when they walk into their bedroom. Interior hotel photography requires specialist skill and lenses to give you photos that are the best reflection of your hotel. If a guest’s experience matches what they see on your website, or in directories such as Booking, TripAdvisor, etc, then they are more likely to share their satisfaction with others and become a repeat customer.

A hotel photo shoot lasts, on average, one to three days, plus the time for the image editing. Some of the required subjects to be photographed are interior and exterior aspects, panoramic composing, day and night time shots, close-ups, and often beverage and food photos.

Get in touch to find out more about bespoke hotel photography prices and costs, see examples from hotel photography portfolio, and receive a tailored quote. Based in London, we are available across the UK and internationally.


Hotel photography price starts from £650 / €720 per day

• Large amount of indoor and outdoor architectural photos
• Optional aerial, twilight exterior, lifestyle and food & beverage shots
• Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity
• Special editing and retouching of selected photos
• All images in high resolution, with full unrestricted printing and sharing rights

Accommodation, food, and travel expenses may be requested.

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Sample Galleries from a

Hotel Photographer

06 Jan 2020

An interior architecture photo shoot at DΙΑDRΑSΙ‘s new spaces. See more…

12 Apr 2016

The Country Club Hotel from rising group of Across Hotels, is on the Central Greek mainland, in a lovely small village called Mikro Chorio, surrounded by mountains and forests. If you did not know you were in Greece, you could almost picture yourself as in the Swiss Alps or a Colorado ski resort, as the hotel has the atmosphere of a luxurious lodge. The red and green interior echoes the natural landscape, while the panelled wood ceilings, stone walls and roaring fireplaces are reminiscent of a ski chalet.

See more…

04 Jan 2015

Excellent images are crucial for your business. People process images faster than words, meaning that the images on your website are what potential guests will base their first impressions on. If you don’t capture their attention with your images it doesn’t matter how good your services or how convincing your words, they will quickly move on. Different sides of a building may require different types of light to show them at their best. For example, direct sunlight on a bright day could make the facade of your B&B, apartment or hotel look amazing, or it could cast hard shadows and give a terrible result, in which case it would be better to shoot at a different time of day.  See more…

11 Dec 2014

Here is some examples and common mistakes when shooting interiors and exteriors.
See more…

21 May 2014

It is our role to create professional hotel images that allow potential guests to imagine themselves in the picture, waking up after a sound night’s sleep in the comfortable bed, relaxing in the lounge with their favourite drink, or soaking limbs weary from an exciting day of sightseeing in the bath. Small family run hotels like the Fairway in London have to work hard to compete with larger, well-known chains, so when the owner asked me to take his B & B photos, I was happy to oblige.

One of the main challenges of this kind of work is creating a complete image of the room to allow guests to mentally step inside. Including all of a room’s features without creating any wide angle distortion requires skill and specialist lenses. I relied on my Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L and the EF 11-24mm f/4L full frame lenses to do these charming bedrooms justice, applying my experience to edit the perspective lines to minimise any distortion resulting from the wide-angle lense. See more…

18 May 2013

Sample hotel work of Swallow Churchgate Hotel, in Harlow, Essex. See more…

21 Apr 2013

I was delighted to accept when the Hotel Olympic Sidirokastro in Greece asked me to provide them with contemporary professional images that they could use in their printed marketing material and on their website.

An online presence is vital for hotels as a growing number of travellers are booking accommodation online, either directly with the hotel or through a third-party booking site. High-quality images are imperative, See more…