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London Love Gallery

20 Jun 2018| 4 comments

A couple’s photoshoot in London (updated) – The city of London is bursting with fantastic sights, iconic landmarks, and oodles of character. It’s no wonder that couples from around the world make a special effort to have a photoshoot London- even if they’re not having a London wedding.

Jialin and Qingrong are one of a growing number of couples from China and the US having their engagement and pre-wedding photographs in London. Some couples have links with the city, either having lived or studied here, while for others it is the trip of a lifetime, a honeymoon and a sensational way to celebrate their marriage.

Being a London professional photographer is always fun and Jialin and Qingrong’s couple photoshoot was an absolute delight from start to finish. See more…

09 Sep 2015| 5 comments

Forget Paris! When it comes to Europe’s most romantic city it is London all the way. Just look at these incredible photographs from Nimia and Albert’s photo session London. The newlyweds flew from Miami en route of their honeymoon! They booked me for a “London Love Gallery” shooting, to celebrating their wedding by posing around famous streets and sights.

Our photo session in London started at the iconic Tower Bridge. Dating from 1894, it is a favourite spot with visitors to the city. The high walkways – 42 metres above the River Thames – give some of the best views in London, though the faint hearted may want to avoid looking down while crossing the 11 metre section of glass floor.


See more…

17 Jun 2015| 3 comments

This couple were on holiday in London and wanted something special to remember being here together. What better idea than to have a professional photo shoot in London with each other, around some of city’s most exclusive landmarks and streets or tourists attractions and sights. The day was grey and of what many Londoners would call miserable, however the colour of the sky added nothing but further depth to the imagery, making that couple stand out dramatically.

Here are some of my favourites from this professional photo shoot London. See more…

19 May 2014| 0 comments

A London Love Gallery photoshoot turns a simple family portrait into something incredible. London is one of the most photogenic cities in the world and there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t get a little thrill at the fact that I get to work with such a fantastic backdrop and when you throw in a family as friendly as this one, then you can see precisely why I love my job when I’m doing a family photoshoot in London. See more…