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London Love Gallery | A lovely family’s session

American visitor M was so excited by her visit to London, that she wanted to capture the occasion with a professional photo shoot in London. We choose our locations for a London Love Gallery with great care, making sure our images are an accurate reflection of their London experience and not merely a generic collection of images.

M had fallen in love with the refined, fancy side of the city, so we chose settings like Tower Bridge, Hyde Park and the surroundings of the hotel they stayed. However, M is a teenager, and she and her family have a great sense of energy and fun, which was why we also went to Sloane Square tube station. It doesn’t get more “London” than the red, white and blue signs of London’s underground!

We hope that these photos not only leave M with fond memories of her visit to London but that they inspire her to return.



  1. Kathy |

    We couldn’t be happier with the images you provided. Thank you so much Nek for the most wonderful photos!

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