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A wedding at St Olave’s church and Grange City Hotel London

The arrangement and preparation for the magnificent wedding of Anna and Brad took place at the Grange City Hotel in Tower Hill London. Nothing could compare with the striking view of skyscrapers like the Shard across the London skyline. I had the lucky chance of capturing a breathtaking panorama from the room where Anna and her friends were preparing for the wedding. The excitement was palpable and everyone in the room could feel it. Anna’s friends and relatives were proud to be there and eagerly walked her through the thrilling process of getting ready for her special day. Some unique image of Anna during her preparation can be witnessed as well as Brad’s with his friends and relatives cheering on and rejoicing in their joyous day. The wedding ceremony took place at the church of St Olave in Tower Hill; One of the few surviving mediaeval buildings in the heart of London. After the captivating wedding ceremony we took some gorgeous shots of the couple’s guests exchanging warm smiles and sweet wedding wishes. I on the other hand had the unique experience of being captured by venerable father Oliver, who brought Anna and Brad together in holy matrimony. An incredibly unexpected and funny moment arose when he took my camera and snapped away! That has certainly never happened before and I was pleasantly taken aback by his enthusiasm and interest in contributing to Anna’s and Brad’s gallery!

Here is a gallery of Anna and Brad’s wedding. These pictures truly reflected couple’s love for each other. Wishing you a very happy life guys!

Special thanks to Mr Everett who asked me to cover this wedding.


  1. Bex White |

    Flawless photography, so natural and endearing.

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