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A Wedding in Mannheim, Germany

Every wedding shares the same intent, but because the couples and their stories are unique, no wedding is the same. As a professional photographer, I love the role of creating photos that don’t only record events but which also convey emotions and atmosphere. I was, therefore, very excited when I captured Jiota and Konstantinos’ wedding in Mannheim, Germany. It is a joy that, even after so many years shooting weddings, my job never feels stale. I have photographed weddings some of the most vibrant cities, travelled to tiny fishing villages in Greece, and set up my tripod in opulent hotels around the world, but Manneheim was somewhere new for me.

Konstantinos and Jiota had a very clear vision of the types of photos they wanted. The first half of their wedding album is full of familiar images of the bride and groom preparing at their family homes before exchanging vows in a traditional ceremony. In this instance, it was St Marien Griechisch Orthodoxe Kirchen at Ludwigshafen. The second part of the album, however, has a different feel.

For a Griechische Hochzeitsfotograf (photographer), choosing the right location is almost as important as having the right lenses. If you get it wrong, it doesn’t matter how photogenic the models are or how skilful the photographer, it just looks wrong. The couple liked the idea of juxtaposing their wedding finery against a gritty, industrial backdrop. Researching locations, lots of planning and, ultimately, trust between us made these images a success. The evening reception was at the historic Portland Forum am Herrenberg, which had a very different atmosphere to the church and the docks. Pulling together everything the couple wanted over three very different locations was a challenge I relished. I am grateful for the opportunity and delighted with the outcome.

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