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St Sophia London

13 Feb 2018| 2 comments
The greek wedding of Michaella and Panayiotis in St Sophia and the Four Seasons Hotel in London

The first thing you notice when you meet Michaella and Panagiotis is how much they both smile when they look at each other!

This beautiful couple got married a few days before Christmas at Saint Sophia church the Greek Cathedral in Bayswater London. The reception held at Four Seasons Hotel at Park Lane in an extremely beautiful room amazingly decorated for this superb wedding. See more…

30 Sep 2015| 1 comment

The setting for Alexandros’ baptism photography was St Sophia’s cathedral in London. I am grateful to have had the privilege to have photographed several Greek weddings and christenings here, yet am always struck anew by its peaceful atmosphere. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate its beauty, light, and perfect proportions.

Since its consecration in 1882 St Sophia’s Cathedral has been the beating heart of the Greek Orthodox community in London. While the domed roof suggests something special from outside, See more…

20 Apr 2015| 1 comment

Christenings are always a cause for celebration and it was certainly a case of double the excitement when twins Emilia and Isabella were welcomed into the faith during an Italian christening at St. Peter’s Italian Church in Clerkenwell London. Adding to the “doubling”, the girls had both a Roman Catholic and a Greek Orthodox ceremony, reflecting their parents’ separate religions.

It was a glorious late summer Saturday but even if the skies had been cloudy it wouldn’t have mattered within St Peter’s magnificent interior. Built after a request from Saint Vincent Pallotti and inspired by the Basilica of San Crisogono in Rome, the church dates from 1863 and is the oldest Catholic Church used by London’s Italian community. The TARDIS like building often takes first-time visitors by surprise with its soaring ceiling and incredibly decorative paintings. From a photographer’s perspective it is a joy to work in due to the natural light and immense beauty, making christening photography in London a pleasure.

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10 Oct 2014| 0 comments

There is no other type of a faith wedding like a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony. Vibrant, decorative, and beautifully emotional, they are full of wonderful photo opportunities as you can see from this collection of images from Elsa and Michael’s Greek wedding at St Sophia church in London.
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19 May 2014| 4 comments

Elsie’s Christening was a pleasure to photograph at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom, known as Saint Sophia church in Bayswater which I believe is also one of the best churches in London and a world-class orthodox cathedral.

Elsie was a gorgeous little girl and we loved capturing the special moments of her day, with her lovely family. As always the Cathedral of St Sophia in Bayswater was full of spectacular detail and made a fantastic back drop inside and out for all shots. We particularly liked zoning in on Elsie’s expressions throughout the orthodox baptism ceremony, so sweet and unaware of what was about to happen. We also loved capturing the expressions of her parents interacting with her, the tiny details like her bracelet being held and little feet.