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Sam Trickett | Poker WPT Magazine

Inspired by street and culture, Shoreditch’s American bar and restaurant Far Rockaway is considered to be the freshest place in Shoreditch with an ambiance that boasts a perfect combination of urban art and unique creativity. I recently had the opportunity to carry out portrait photos for Poker the official WPT Magazine with the famous poker player, Sam Trickett. Taking photos entails an intricate amount of altering lighting for each shot. Each image that is captured requires its unique adjustment of lighting in order to be able to grasp the wholeness of the picture in real life and transfer it onto the photograph. An essential part of making a editorial and lifestyle photos as authentic as possible is making the subject feel comfortable and at ease. This creates a strong foundation of trust for the subject to be able to respond accordingly and the shoot to be productive. Editing photographs that are destined to appear in a magazine requires a high level of editing so as to ensure that the skin tone of the subject is not wrongfully altered when the image is printed. I would like to give special thanks to the Far Rockaway for accommodating this shoot.


Sam Trickett's Portrait


  1. D Editor-WPT |

    “..Thanks for sending these over – some great shots in there. Very pleased with the quality of your work. I look forward to working with you again soon.”

  2. G. Brack |

    I love playing poker and I also have to say what a handsome player! Both very dangerous if addicted.

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