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A couple’s pre-wedding photography in St Albans

V and I knew their wedding day, which we were the wedding photographer St Albans for and which you can see here, was going to be as much about the bringing together of their Greek and Indian families as it was about celebrating their marriage. Having a pre-wedding shoot was a great opportunity for them to put aside the stress of wedding planning and simply enjoy being together.

The couple was a joy to work with. These images are from their pre-wedding photography, which we took a couple of weeks before their big day in Verulamium Park in St Albans, and around some landmarks of this Hertfordshire’s historic city. 

A couple's photoshoot for pre-wedding photography in St Albans

The purpose of the pre-wedding shoot was to get some fantastic couples photos to be shared and displayed as well as use for wedding stationery, like thank you cards. I always recommend a pre-wedding shoot where possible as it is a fantastic opportunity for couples to experience being photographed in this way, and for couples and their photographer to get used to working together before the main event.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for this St Alban’s photoshoot.. The early autumn sun shone brightly, bringing out the beautiful browns and greens of the leaves in the park. She chose a gorgeous cyan-blue dress with a gold threaded pattern which looked amazing against the natural backdrop of Verulamium Park, and he removed his hat and suit jacket for a more informal look. Whether you opt for relaxed or formal clothing for your pre-wedding or engagement shoot, it is important that your outfits coordinate with each other and that you feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.

Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Verulamium Park

Other locations for this couple photoshoot included St Albans Cathedral, and the clocktower. The cathedral is a fascinating building, being the oldest place of continuous Christian worship in Britain. It is even older than Canterbury Cathedral, and a serene and peaceful place. I love the clock tower, which dates from the early 1400s, as a backdrop. It juxtaposes well with this modern couple, yet gives a sense of permanence and continuity to the story of their love.

Editing these photos in black and white really made the beautiful stonework and features of the architecture stand out, and they made a lovely contrast to the rich natural colours of the photos taken in the park. We used some beautiful single colour backdrops to add vibrancy and included a large amount of background space to produce artistic shots that look wonderful framed.

The couple doing their pre-wedding photography in St Albans

It wasn’t difficult to get this pair to laugh with (and at!) each other by using props to add a fun element to the photoshoot. This type of aspect doesn’t always fit well with wedding photography, but works brilliantly with pre-wedding and engagement photoshoots, and it meant that when the time came to shoot their wedding a few weeks later we were able to slip straight back into the happy and relaxed atmosphere created here.

The couple posing in St Albans streets


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