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Caiti & John’s Wedding in Staffordshire

02 Aug 2018| 6 comments | Weddings

The wedding of Caiti and John Moss (updated) – It gave us great joy to make John and Caiti’s documentary wedding photography. The event held at Caiti’s mothers’ fabulous Milton Manor in Midlands, which is often opened to the general public. Three wedding photographers and one assistant needed to capture the ample decoration and shows. We started the work from Friday evening to Sunday noon. The setting was vast and beautiful, with many a water feature and hidden garden. As always we like to tell a story with our photography and as Caiti was getting ready in the house, her family home, we took photos to show the details of the home, like it was inviting you inside the front door, then on to see the little details that make up for the bridal preparation.


A gallery from three wedding photographers 01

The Bridal preparation came next, which was wonderful to photograph in such a dramatic setting with lots of black, creating a wonderful contrast against the bride and bridesmaids. Mirrors are always great to capture images through. They are romantic and you can shoot hard to get angles. I loved taking the portraits of beautiful Caiti with her wonderful mother Elizabeth as well as her joyful father and you could see the real emotion captured between them.

Meanwhile whilst the bridal preparation was going on, one of our three wedding Photographers went to John’s house who was busy getting ready with his groomsmen. John was a great character – lighthearted and fun going. We loved capturing this in his shots with him and his bright family and groomsmen. You could really see his personality through the photographic lens.

The preparation from three wedding photographers 02

The wedding procession was captured from start to end. Starting from the outdoor landscape photos, through to close ups on the camera of family and friends. At the church of St Andrew in Weston Park, we took lots of photos of the couple from three different angles to showcase the emotion between them.

3 wedding photographers gallery 03

The next series of photographs focussed on John and Caiti as a married couple – back at Milton Manor. Inside the house I chose the use of the mirror again, also some gorgeous shots of Caiti between the old doors. The garden was a spectacular backdrop for some photos of the newlyweds and we then photographed them coming in with a traditional British marching band! The band marched the couple down to the stunningly dressed marquee for the wedding reception. There was just so much beauty and with over 200 guests, to my delight a huge amount to photograph.


3 wedding photographers gallery 04

Thanks to Andy Williams from Essential Couture the decoration of the reception was outstanding and there was a theme of mirrors carried throughout.


3 wedding photographers gallery 05

It was a wonderful extravagant wedding, which had many different entertainers throughout the eve. I captured each of these together, along with the expressions of Caiti and John and the loving moments between them, including the humorous speeches, the cutting of the cake, the first dance and the fabulous party. The fireworks were also spectacular to capture and that is a performance I will never forget.


3 wedding photographers gallery 06
The last series of wedding photographs taken, were shot the day after at the Wedding Breakfast. It was far more casual and relaxed, so I wanted to recreate this vibe through the photography. We set up a few still life shots too, to frame the end!

I would like to wish Caiti and John all the best for their future together.


3 wedding photographers gallery 07


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    There are many images here which I have not yet seen which means I need to visit your site more 🙂 When I first saw your work I was captivated by the style you had carved out. I have not seen many wedding photographers pull off some of the things that you can do with ease.
    It is great for the industry that there are photographers like you as you not only inspire your peers but you are an advertisement for why people should invest into their wedding photography. Congrats to you and to the newlyweds!

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    So elegant!! Great shot of shoes and the mirror

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    Yet another amazing, inspiring, awesome set of wedding images. I never tire of looking at your storyboards guys.

    Congratulations to the couple!

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    A wedding… full of music!!!

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    Having a three photographers is a nice idea.
    This three photographers can have the great idea they give suggestions can make your wedding pictures more beautiful and attractive.
    Wedding photo is the great remembrance for a couple.

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