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Funeral Live Stream

Funeral Live Stream Service

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the added devastation of having to miss their final goodbye. To ensure as many people are included in the service as possible, we have introduced a funeral live stream service so family and friends in different parts of Britain and around the world can come together to pay their respects.

Distance, travel restrictions, COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings, and poor health are some of the most common reasons why people cannot attend funerals. With a live stream, they can watch the funeral as it happens from wherever they are in the world. It is the next best thing to being there in person, allowing them to participate in real-time.



We have decades of experience filming and photographing important family events. Our coverage is comprehensive but discrete, with camera and microphone set up in advance of the service, complying with rules set by the venue.

We are based in London but work across the UK. Funerals vary in requirements so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

A funeral live stream


Cost of Service

During funeral live stream we use our equipment to simultaneously film and broadcast the service via the internet to family and friends you wish to invite. After your order you will be provided with a ΥοuΤube private link so you can share it with them. Viewers can watch our live stream on internet enabled devices such as mobiles and tablets, computers, and of course TVs with internet connection. The live broadcast starts 10 minutes before the service and it is provided in resolution 720 HD resolution.

Funeral live stream shots

Funeral Live Stream   from £350

  • Cost covers service up to 2 hours. Additional hour £100p/h

  • Unlimited viewers via private ΥοuΤube link

  • Recording is accessible for 6 months for sharing

  • When WiFi is not available we use our own mobile network router

  • Full-length recording file is available after the funeral in Mp4 format

  • Fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity

If you also want to keep a professionally filmed copy of the funeral as a memento, along with the live stream service, you can also order an additional funeral videographer. He will record the service using two separate cameras for superb results. The perfectly edited recording will be uploaded online within a few days after the funeral, while it can be also come as a physical copy that you can watch from your TV/media device. Our filming is delivered in 720 HD/1080 FHD as standard, or by preference in 4K UHD resolution.

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Funeral Live Stream FAQ
Are there any restrictions from where you can stream?
We can film at a church, crematorium, graveside, or wherever else you plan to hold your service providing the owner of the site has no objections. The internet signal in more remote areas may not be sufficient for us to live stream without interruption. However, we will check this in advance and discuss any necessary alternatives with you.

Can you guarantee a flawlessly streaming?
If the church, crematorium, or venue does not provide a fast WiFi network, or during a burial service, we use our own 4G internet data connection. We cannot 100% guarantee broadcast will be error free due to the nature of the job. However issues are very rare and
in the unlikely case of an interruption to the stream due to technical reasons beyond our control we always record the funeral service in our hard drive. This means that the recording will be uploaded for viewing via a private link as soon as possible after the funeral when getting back to the office.

Isn’t it a bit weird, to film a funeral?
Not at all. Families appreciate the option of the live stream service as it means that they can plan a funeral in the knowledge that things like COVID-19 restrictions on gatherings won’t prevent family and friends from being included in the occasion.

How many people can I invite to watch?
There is no restriction on the number of people who can watch the funeral live stream or the uploaded recording. We give you a private link that you can then share as you choose.

How long does it take to set up?
We will be at the location at least an hour before the start of the funeral service, with the view of starting the stream 10 minutes before the ceremony begins. We appreciate that some venues will have restrictions around times - especially crematoriums, who tend to have multiple services in a day - so we are flexible to fit in with their requirements.


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