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An adventure wedding at Garden of the Gods in Colorado

A wedding at Garden of the Gods (updated) – What happens when a unique couple decide to share the rest of their lives together? This is their wedding photo-story through the eye of my lens.

The documentary wedding photography began with a great invitation I received about a year ago whilst in London, which promised an adventure Garden of the Gods Wedding at the famous Park in Colorado Mountains, with rock climbing and a great deal more besides!

The wedding invitation and map of Garden of the Gods

I was given the opportunity to snap the first precious moments of this story at the airport, where the groom Dimitri welcomed his mother who flew in to Denver, Colorado for her son’s wedding.

They hadn’t seen each other in several years..

Photos of groom's mother arrival at the airport before the wedding

 It was a sunny August day when we arrived at Manitou Springs, known for its healing waters the Ute Indians have been drinking for generations. However, I came to find the wedding party partaking in healing waters of a different kind at the local bar, before they both went their separate ways for their respective Hen and Bachelor parties.

A Garden of the Gods sign and wedding the group posing

It was a delightful evening and by the looks of it, the boys had the better fun! Perhaps a little more “healing water” than the ladies?

The pre wedding parties in Garden of the Gods Park

The wedding preparations took place at a remarkable Inn in Manitu Springs where I heard Santa himself was a permanent member of staff! With that, I just had to find the mysterious man myself!

A favourite of mine in this unit is the photograph of the wedding rings through the fishing line, taken in front of Dimitri’s favourite GS.

Groom and Bride's preparations near Garden of the Gods

At the Garden of Gods park it all came together. There are no words to describe the choice of that amazing location. Unique and sensational! A personal choice of the bride and groom inspired by their passion for adventure and rock climbing, as well as each other!

Dimitris wished to add a greek touch with the addition of the wedding-crowns to symbolise the unity of marriage. To the King and Queen of this Coupledom!

The wedding ceremony at Garden of the Gods park

The wedding reception took place at a Victorian English House, Briarhurst just 5′ from Garden of the Gods main Park. It is also known as William A. Bell House, a Colorado businessman and renowned photographer of the Amercian West who was also the founder of Colorado and Manitu Springs. The knowledgeable and accommodating manager Mrs Janice Montoya gave us a superb insight into the 200 year old history of this extraordinary building.

Picture of the couple at Briarhurst Manor in Manitou Springs 644The couple at their wedding reception in Manitou Springs

The next day of the wedding we embarked for another photo-shoot. Main theme? Bikes! What else? And as in the state of Colorado a helmet is not compulsory, we did take advantage.

Wedding couple shots in front of Garden of the Gods rocks

Left the Garden of Gods accompanied by the dulcet tones of a boxer engine! An hour later we swapped from bikes to cars to reach the top of Pikes Peak mountain one of the highest in the US, 10 miles west of Colorado Springs. The difficulty breathing was overwhelming, although not entirely a surprise, as the oxygen levels at 14,111ft are considerably low.

We completed the photo-shoot at the very centre of Manitu Springs and yes, close to Garden of the Gods I’ve also found Santa who was keen to pose for a portrait!

Several wedding portraits in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods Park and Pikes Peak mountain

An unforgettable experience! A joy to photograph. My warmest heartfelt wishes to both of you!

Karin & Dimitri – A Wedding at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Mountains


  1. pampetrovi.. Awesome sorry I missed it |

    Sorry I missed it yall looked awesome together

  2. joe and denise petrovich |

    These are fantastic and so much fun!!

  3. Apos Urban Cinematography |

    Great Pics as always 🙂

  4. Dimitri |

    I chose my wedding photographer years before I chose my wife. And I regret nothing! Nek was so funny and easy to work with. He was able to capture my wife’s and my unique character so great! I am so glad and honored we are the first couple in the US you were able to photograph! Karin, I, our friends and family are amazed by your talent. Thank you!

    • nektarios |

      Thank you so much! it was an absolute pleasure and we are so pleased that you loved the pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!Our best wishes!

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